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Job Issues or Limitations Videos

Attorney Lisa Pierson Weinberger explains how employers are not required to allow you to decrease your hours after having a baby, and shares advice for women on how to... read more
See Lisa Pierson Weinberger's video on Do I tell my employer or potential employer I am pregnant?...
Attorney Christina Coleman explains the employment accommodations that women are entitled to during pregnancy, and which employers are required to make the accommodations
Attorney Christina Coleman explains what the Pregnancy Employment Act is, why it was created, and what how it affects pregnant women in the workplace
Barbara Turvett, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Working Mother Magazine, shares advice for working moms on how to negotiate a flexible work schedule
Attorney Christina Coleman shares advice on employment laws regarding pregnancy, and how the type of employer determines if it falls under federal or state laws
See Christina Coleman's video on Pregnancy, work absence and getting fired...
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