Pregnancy, work absence and getting fired

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Pregnancy, work absence and getting fired | Kids in the House
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Pregnancy, work absence and getting fired

You possibly can get fired for excessive absences, even if the reasons are related to your pregnancy. It is all going to depend on the nature of your employer and what laws apply to them. It's the laws that impose the regulations. If they are subject to Federal Law or a comparable State Law that prevents them from discriminating against you, then you can't be discriminated against for excessive absences related to your pregnancy. It's treated as a temporary disability. They are required to accommodate you, just like with any other disabled employee; which might mean, time off, part time work, or other ways to deal with the fact that you can't work as many hours or days as you used to.

See Christina Coleman's video on Pregnancy, work absence and getting fired...


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Christina Coleman

Attorney & Mother of a Diabetic

Christina M. Coleman, a California native, was admitted to practice law in 1997. As in-house Corporate Counsel for a family of Internet/Telecommunications Companies, she oversaw all litigation and some corporate matters. In 2000, Ms. Coleman's outstanding track record caused her to join a plaintiff's litigation firm focusing on catastrophic injury (financial and physical) cases. While at this firm, Ms. Coleman met Lisa L. Maki where they co-counseled in a few high-profile cases. As a result, they became fast friends in their pursuit of justice for their clients.

Ms. Coleman is a highly skilled litigator and negotiator who has been the key to obtaining multi-million dollar jury trials and settlements, including a 7.2 million dollar jury verdict for an individual and company in Orange County, California. In March 2006, Ms. Coleman and Ms. Maki joined forces and Ms. Coleman is the firm's senior litigator and negotiator. In this role, she continues to represent plaintiffs in their struggle for justice and fairness in the workplace and in the corporate arena.

Ms. Coleman has lectured for the Consumer Attorneys of California, Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, and has been published in the Advocate. She has also served on the editorial board for an employment related treatise for James Publishing. Ms. Coleman was Consumer Attorneys of California’s finalist nominee for Consumer Attorney of the Year in 2008, and finalist nominee for Streetfighter of the Year in 2010. 

A member of the California Bar, Ms. Coleman graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (BA 1993) and University of San Diego School of Law (JD. 1997). Ms. Coleman currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two young daughters, and proudly participates in many legal and bar organizations

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