Advice for women trying to lose pregnancy weight

Celebrity Trainer Owen McKibbin shares advice for new moms on the best methods to lose the baby weight and how to incorporate your baby in the exercises as well
Best Ways to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy
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Advice for women trying to lose pregnancy weight

The best way to lose the pregnancy weight in my opinion is to exercise with your child. You can do presses with your infant. And trust me, if you do enough of them, you're going to get winded. You're going to feel that burn in your shoulders, in your chest. You're going to have to stabilize your ab muscles, which are so important in the birthing process. You have to stabilize by lifting your children. You can hold your child here and do squats. If you go on Google, I've done many baby workouts with my son Blaze when he was that small. Now he's bigger than I am. But if you incorporate the child in the workout routine, much like reading to a child when they're young. They don't know what you're doing, and they don't know the words you're saying, but it shows them the value of a book. Same thing with exercise. If they see you laying on the couch and smoking cigarettes and drinking beer, they're going to think that's what's cool. But if they see you moving and incorporating you into the movement, they're going to be like, hey dad. I want to try that. A great example is I used to try the stairs with Blaze. And I used to put him on my shoulders. And one day, he goes, Daddy put me down. I can do it. And sure enough, I put him on the stairs, and it's all about learning. Education is huge when you're working out with your kid. He learned the difference between water and sweat. He learned that your body produces one and it's saltier. Your heart rate, why is your heart pounding so hard? I'm using my muscles. We're going uphill. And then when he got a little more advanced, I said, when I get up there, grab my feet. So I started doing pull ups with him hanging from my feet. So you know, people look at us, it's exercise. I've got this baby weight. You can make it fun and educational at the same time.

Celebrity Trainer Owen McKibbin shares advice for new moms on the best methods to lose the baby weight and how to incorporate your baby in the exercises as well


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Owen McKibbin

Celebrity Trainer & Single Dad

Owen McKibbin is one of the most credible and recognizable personalities in the health and fitness world. He currently can be seen on the immensely successful infomercial “The Rack Workout” all in one gym. Owen’s exclusive “Zone Progression Training” is the break through fitness solution to get you strong, lean and ripped for life. 
OWEN was discovered while playing volleyball at the infamous Will Rodgers State Beach in Santa Monica. World famous photographer Bruce Weber shot Owen in his first job for Polo Sport/Ralph Lauren. That same month Owen also was photographed for world wide advertising campaigns for Guess Jeans with Claudia Schiffer, and Hugo Boss. Owen has gone on to be one of the most sought after and recognizable men in the business.
Born and raised in Hawaii, Owen McKibbin, the youngest in a family of eight children, is a graduate of the prestigious Punahou High School and the University of Southern California, where he majored in communications. He was Hawaii State Champion in three sports, volleyball, soccer, and canoeing. As a pro beach volleyball player, Owen achieved nationwide recognition representing the United States in a number of World Championships.
Perhaps best known for his nineteen covers of Men’s Health magazine, the world’s most popular men’s magazine, Owen has established himself as a leading voice in dialogue on health and fitness. (Each issue of Men’s Health featuring Owen has sold in excess of one million copies more than any other issue).
Owen and his fitness message have been feature by CBS News, The New York Times, People Magazine, The View, Extra TV, and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few. His informative and sexy health and fitness segments for the hit television show, Extra, helped catapult those episode’s rating to triple their normal size.
Owen has always remained in tip-top shape despite 2 major back surgeries. He was a spokesman for Bowflex for 5 years and in 2004, because of his un-paralleled level of fitness, Owen was coaxed into coming out of retirement and back onto the sand. Although he hadn’t touched a volleyball in over 10 years, he competed once again on the AVP tour for another year and a half. 
His first book, commissioned by Rodale Press, The Men’s Health Cover Model Workout, Body Sculpting Secrets of the World’s Top Fitness Model, has received praise throughout the fitness industry for its insightful and concise approach to fitness and well-being. It is currently available throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico.Represented by the prestigious LA Models, Owen has appeared in major print or television campaigns for such clients as Polo by Ralph Lauren, 2x-ist, Gillette, and Hugo Boss and in. Currently Owen resides in Santa Monica California with his 12 year old son, Blaze.
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