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Baby Safety Articles

Nine Frugal Baby Proofing Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe at Home

Aug 06, 2014
By: Helen Wallis
Are you looking to baby proof your house only to have your jaw hit the floor when you add up all the costs? Don't worry, My jaw has been there too. That's why I have set about putting together a list of effective baby proofing methods that are gentle on the wallet. So before you go rushing out to...
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Baby Proofing Checklist: Common Household Poisons

Jul 21, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Parents may have gone to great lengths to ensure their home is baby proof, but it isn’t completely safe without considering the dangers of common household poisons . Household chemicals can be highly toxic and are enticing to young children, so it’s important to recognize them so you can keep them...
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Tips on Baby Proofing Your Home

Jul 02, 2014
By: Kids in the House
A baby’s first year involves rapid development. It seems as though one day they are helpless infants, and the next day they are moving around the house, eager to explore every nook and cranny. Babies have an insatiable appetite for discovery, which makes it important for parents to baby proof the...
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Advice on Babies and Pets

Jun 16, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Becoming a new parent is filled with firsts. One of these firsts is introducing your pet to your baby. Though babies are new for both parents and household pets, there are things parents can do so pets and children become properly acquainted and form a friendship that will last for years to come...
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