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Nine Frugal Baby Proofing Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe at Home

Aug 06, 2014

Are you looking to baby proof your house only to have your jaw hit the floor when you add up all the costs?

Don't worry, My jaw has been there too. That's why I have set about putting together a list of effective baby proofing methods that are gentle on the wallet.

So before you go rushing out to purchase baby proofing products, have a quick read through this list. You may find you already have everything you need to baby proof your house.

1. Stove

While it is important to baby proof your stove, you do not need to purchase additional baby proofing products to do so.

Just about all modern stoves will have knob covers that pop off. If you grab the stove knob and carefully pull it upwards, you should find that it comes off without too much effort. Remove the knobs and store them in a drawer near the stove and pop them back on as needed.

2. Toilet paper

Some babies are attracted to toilet paper like a moth to light. If you have ever came home to discover the toilet paper unspooled and strewn across the floor you will be nodding to the thought.

Fortunately, you can cheaply baby proof toilet paper by using a big office clip. Simply make sure the clip goes through the inner cardboard and clamps down on the outermost sheet of toilet paper.

3. Door stop

That ever shrinking gap as the door closes is just perfect for pinching little fingers. Fortunately you can protect your baby's hands with little more than a hollow centre pool noodle.

Cut a six inch section from a pool noodle and cut this section lengthways. Wedge the half onto the top of your door and presto, no more injured fingers. With the average pool noodle being 60 inches long, a single pool noodle is good for up to 20 door stops.

4. Coffee table corners

Coffee tables are dangerous. They sit in commonly used areas with pointed corners at roughly your baby’s head level. Needless to say, it is easy for your baby.

A quick and effective way of softening up those corners is by using old tennis balls. Simply cut a slit in the tennis ball with a sharp knife. You should now be able to wedge them onto the corners of the coffee table and have them stay in place.

5. Vertical sets of drawers

Drawers hide all kinds of nasty objects that could potentially cause your child serious injury. If you are lucky enough to have your drawers laid set out vertically and have handles rather than knobs then you can easily baby proof these with a long narrow object.

Simply insert a yard stick (or similar narrow object) through the top drawer handle and through the draw handles below it. The lower drawers will now be held in place by the weight of the higher drawers.

6. Cabinet Doors

Like drawers, cabinets hide all manner of objects that you simply don’t want your baby playing with. If your cabinet doors have handles you easily can baby proof them with nothing more than a thick elastic band.

Twist a rubber band over both handles of side by side cabinet doors. You want the rubber band to shrink enough that it does not sit overly loose on the handles. When your baby tries to open the cabinet doors, the rubber band will hold them in place.

7. Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are one of the most household objects to baby proof. They sit at your baby’s eye level, easily attract the attention of a curious baby and cause serious injury.

Simply place a piece of duct tape over the electrical outlet so that it covers the socket holes. Your baby will now be unable to stick anything inside the outlet, greatly reducing chances of electrical shock.

8. Door Knobs

There are always going to be rooms that you simply do not want your baby to enter. Buying multiple baby proof door knob covers can quickly put a dent in your wallet. If your door has knobs rather than handles then all you will need is a sock and a rubber band.

Simply cover the door knob with a sock and wrap an elastic band around the base of the door knob to hold the sock in place. While adult hands will be easily able to turn the knob, smaller hands will be unable to get a successful grip.

9. Teething Rail

You don't need to run out and purchase a teething rail if you find your little baby gnawing on the top of the crib. Reuse those old swaddle blankets you have laying around.

Tightly tie old swaddle blankets around the lip of the crib to protect your baby's mouth from splinters and wood chips. Just be sure to give the blankets a wash every once in a while.

As you can see you can baby proof most areas of the house with products you already own and a bit of imagination. If you any other frugal baby proofing methods I have not mentioned, I would love to hear them.


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