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Crib Safety

Crib Safety. How to choose the right crib for your baby?

Child Safety Expert Kimberlee Mitchell reviews what is often an overwhelming choice for parents: buying the right crib. The key points are to keep it simple and safe by avoiding cribs that are too ornate, and opt for something very simple and JPMA-approved. Kimberlee also explains how to ensure your hand-me-down crib is safe, and what to keep an eye out for.


- Choosing a crib for your baby is sometimes an overwhelming choice for parents, so my recommendation would be to make sure that you keep it safe. Choosing a crib that is JPMA approved will ensure that your crib is up to all current ASTM standards. And the box for your crib will have a big JPMA stamp on it so you'll know that it is approved. If you are receiving a crib as a hand me down, and you don't have the box, it's very simple, all you need to do is go to the consumer product safety commission website,, and plug in the serial number, which is always on the bottom part of the crib, you'll find that serial number there, to make sure that that crib has not ... Read more

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