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How to use lovies?

- All parents know that sleep is an enormous issue. And lovies or blankys, you might here them called transitional objects, they fall into the category of what we call helpful sleep associations. Helpful meaning that your baby can get to it herself in the middle of the night she doesn't need you to come in and do something for her. Babies are very tactile. And even when they are very young. You start to see them starting to finger things. You start to see them moving their fingers. You start to see them maybe when you are holding them they are touching your shirt or your skin. You start to see them touching their own hands. So if your baby is swaddled you'll have to wait til they're no longer swaddled. And if they are not swaddled then you can start using a lovie at any time. I like to describe how to use the lovie in two stages. The first stage is creating the attachment of your baby to the lovie. And the way you do that is by keeping the lovie around your baby all the time. When you are holding them, when you are feeding them, when ... Read more

Therapist Julie Wright, MFT talks about choosing a lovey for your baby to facilitate sleep
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