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Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking and pacifiers - all you need to know.

While they may have just been born yesterday, babies are pretty clever. They can suck on their thumbs, fingers, and even fists to soothe themselves. It’s a biological imperative called non-nutritive sucking, meaning they aren't sucking for food or any nutrients like they would when breastfeeding. However, when babies are swaddled and placed on their backs to sleep, it's difficult for their hands to reach their mouths. This is where pacifiers come into play. Pacifiers can be a controversial subject and yet it is something many parents rely on.

Pacifiers: Do or Don't?

Let's face it, babies can get very fussy and pacifiers, well, pacify them. Studies have actually revealed that for babies who use pacifiers, there has been a decrease in the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). When sucking on a pacifier, the babies are indulging in a periodic movement of their mouths and sucking keeps them in a light state of sleep. This continuous activity leaves less chance that the baby will stop breathing. With that said, you shouldn’t feel ... Read more

Corky Harvey from Pump Station and Nurtury shares some clever tricks to limit pacifier use and explains how to get rid of them completely without creating drama.
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For babies, thumb sucking or finger sucking i
Lactation Consultant Corky Harvey, RN, IBCLC, explains why it is good for your baby to allow them to use your breast as a pacifier.
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Pediatric Dentist Michelle Kelman, DDS, shares advice for parents on the negative effects that thumb sucking and pacifier use can have on your child's dental health
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