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Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking and pacifiers - all you need to know.

Thumb sucking is a very common way for babies to self-soothe. When babies are swaddled pacifiers can be life saviors but parents have a lot of questions and concerns about them. When should you introduce pacifier? Which one is right for your baby? Can pacifiers affect alignment of teeth and shape of the palate? When should you stop using them? Is there a connection with frequent ear infections? Watch this video to find answer to these and many other questions!

Lactation Consultant Corky Harvey, RN, IBCLC, explains why it is good for your baby to allow them to use your breast as a pacifier.
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For babies, thumb sucking or finger sucking i
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Pediatric Dentist Michelle Kelman, DDS, shares advice for parents on the negative effects that thumb sucking and pacifier use can have on your child's dental health
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