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Teaching baby self-soothing

Every baby can self-soothe after 6 month

- [Sarah] Allowing a baby to self soothe is crucial in the first year. There are so many ways a baby can self soothe. It's thumb, it's fingers, pacies, lovies, mom's nipple, bottle. Allowing them access to their fingers while they sleep is a great way to help them how to sleep on their own. Pacies are also a helpful tool. Babies need non nutritive sucking in the first year to help regulate their nervous system. A pacie, a thumb, fingers all accomplish that.

- There's nothing more gratifying for the baby then when he finds his own thumb. When the baby finds his own thumb, or sometimes it's these two fingers or a couple of fingers, start the origins or the beginnings of self soothing. The baby finds his own thumb and he can be consoled by himself. This can happen during the bed time, he decides when to put it in and when to take it out.

- A baby's ability to self soothe in the first year is very limited before four months because they're not developmentally able and ready to self soothe. Between four and six months is a bit iffy. ... Read more

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