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Seven Top Activities for Kids

Jul 25, 2014

Bored with the same routine? While much of what you do will depend on where you live (for example, those near water access might enjoy a lake or beach day while those in the mountains can turn toward hiking for fun), there are a number of activities you can do with your kids regardless of your location. Here we have listed seven top activities for kids!

  1. Make movie magic! Jamee Tenzer recommends getting some props and putting together a movie that you can then send to the grandparents. Older kids might enjoy taking part in the writing and production aspect of movie making, so give them a pencil and paper and let them write out a script that the entire family can dress up for and perform. Younger children might like to emulate a movie they’ve recently seen – for instance, Frozen or Despicable Me. Use items such as cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls and construction paper to make props, and then have someone work as the “cameraman” to film the show.
  2. Head to the museum! Blogger Adrian Kulp encourages families to head to your local children’s museum. Many offer reduced price days, and some host a variety of activities for kids, such as art classes. If the museum allows it, pack a picnic lunch and spread out on the lawn around noon to eat. Older kids might enjoy bringing a drawing pad and pencils so they can recreate on paper what they see.
  3. Check out the library. Most libraries offer story time throughout the year. Some also host reading programs during the summer months or play movies in the afternoon or on the weekends. And even if there is nothing going on, a world of imagination lies at your fingertips in the local library – for free! Check out books from the nonfiction section and study something new, or head over to the fiction titles and get lost in a world of make believe.
  4. Get artistic. Charlotte Reznick says expressing yourself through art is great even if your kids aren’t the next Picasso or Rembrandt. For your little ones, use large butcher-block paper, trace your child, and then let them draw a self-portrait. You can also create sock puppets out of items you already have around the house (old socks, buttons for eyes, and permanent markers). Then put on a puppet show for the family!
  5. Host your own playgroup. Kulp says to contact local moms and dads and invite them over, which not only gives the kids a chance to socialize but also allows you to connect with other adults.
  6. Make music! Using ordinary household items, such as pots and pans for drums and tissue boxes and rubber bands for guitars, create a rock band and put on a show. Kids love to express themselves musically, and this activity lets them get a little loud without being asked to lower the volume.
  7. Play board games. So often today’s child is focused on a screen for game time, but old-fashioned board games are still just as fun as they were 30 years ago! Consider Candyland for younger kids and games like Uno, Checkers or Monopoly for older children. Host a game day or night complete with popcorn and snacks, hot chocolate or lemonade and a stack of board games that you rotate throughout the family. Invite friends and share in the fun!


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I love number 6! My siblings and I loved making music together when we were growing up. It was always so much fun!

Libraries are great! Our local library has weekly actitivies for kids and moms and it is a great place to meet new people.

Museums are so much fun and a lot of them aren't that expensive or they're free!

Playgroups are great! You get to know other parents and your kids get to socialize with other kdis.

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