What is bullying?

Kirk Smalley from Stand for the Silent shares his own definition of "bullying".
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What is bullying?


- What is bullying? You know, I've been asked that question literally thousands of times from a thousand different interviews. The standard answer for bullying is a repeated harassment, something that happens continually on a daily basis. I don't believe that. To me, bullying, it's time to take that power away from the bully. Bullying is in the eye of the victim themselves. If I think you're a bully, if I think you're bullying me, then you are a bully in my eyes. I may call you a nickname, and we both may laugh about that nickname, but how does that really make you feel? Is it hurting you and you're just not willing to let me know that? For instance, I have a buddy of mine that used to call me worthless all the time. That was his nickname for me. He'd call me on the phone and say, "Hey worthless, what are you doing?" Shortly after I lost my boy, I was feeling really, really worthless one day, and he called. We never know what our words or our actions how they can truly impact someone. Even if I laugh about something that you say or do to me, am I really just hiding that it really truly hurt me? It's time that the victim gets to have a little bit of power and say, "You're a bully."

Kirk Smalley from Stand for the Silent shares his own definition of "bullying".


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Kirk Smalley

President, Stand for the Silent

Kirk and Laura Smalley lost their 11 year old son Richard Ty Field on May 13th 2010 to suicide due to constant bullying. Since then they have been speaking out against bullying to over 1,100 schools and community organizations reaching over 1,250,000 youths and adults, as well as meeting with president Obama and the first lady. They have been invited to speak in 42 states and 16 countries to date. Our mantra is a simple statement born from a commitment to a child lost – to stop bullying in our world today.  With unequaled dedication and commitment, they have  tirelessly labored  to inspire a world where our children can be safe and where no other parent feels the agony of a child lost to the effects of bullying.

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