Professionals who can treat trauma

See Maggie Kline, LMFT's video on Professionals who can treat trauma...
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Professionals who can treat trauma

Well there's a lot of traumas that are pretty ordinary that don't require a specialist. For example, a young child who falls off a bike, or has an accident and tumbles down the stairs and has to go for stitches; the parent can help them move through it with some simple skills and tools. In fact, that's why Dr. Levine and I decided to write a book together to teach caregivers tools. Not just parents, grandparents and teachers as well, because the teachers are with the children all day long as well and many things happen at school. There are some traumas that are complex that do require professional help. One in particular is sexual abuse, especially if it's complicated with physical injury, then it really helps if the parents can bring the children to a specialist that really knows how to work with rape or with molestation. But for simple, everyday, ordinary traumas, what we call everyday traumas like accidents and falls and medical procedures, surgeries that many children undergo; parents can be taught how to work with the child and study their body postures and help them to relax and let go of the stress from those kinds of events.

See Maggie Kline, LMFT's video on Professionals who can treat trauma...


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Maggie Kline, LMFT

School Psychologist & Therapist

Maggie Kline has been a marriage, family, and child therapist for almost 30 years, and is a retired school psychologist.  After beginning her professional career as a teacher in 1970, Maggie has continued to garner vast experience with children of all ages from pre-schoolers through teens. She uses Somatic Experiencing (SE) with individuals, couples and families in psychotherapy. She also integrates SE with art, dream work and play when helping youngsters recover from trauma. Maggie is a senior faculty member for the SE Trauma Institute, currently teaching on five continents. She has co-authored two books (listed below) with Peter A. Levine which have been translated into 11 languages,  and has also written "It Won't Hurt Forever", which was published in Mothering  Magazine in 2002.  Most recently, Maggie has originated two seminars for professionals who help traumatized children:  "SE for Kids, A Games-Based Approach" and "Conscious Connections, Providing Reparative Opportunities for Healthy Attachment". She has presented her work in schools and agencies, at conferences, and in mass disaster settings such as the Southeast Asian Tsunami and the Oslo Massacre.

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