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Elementary Education Articles

Homework Help for Children

Mar 26, 2019
By: Kids in the House
The nightly struggle with homework is one that takes place in many homes across America. Homework time can be stressful for both child and parents, and it often results in a meltdown or a blowup that can usually be avoided. So what can you do to make this nightly routine a positive experience? The...
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How to Help Your Kid Beat the Back-to-School Jitters

Aug 31, 2016
By: Alexandra Penn
These last lazy hazy days of summer are fading faster than blowing a good bye have-a-nice-day kiss, as kids and parents begin prepping for the return to school and structure. Regardless of your child’s age, a range of emotions will be racing through those meridian lines. Remember your first day at...
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HOMESCHOOLING HANGOUT: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning

Mar 04, 2015
By: Kids In The House
There is a growing trend in the United States of parents homeschooling their children. It offers students more flexibility in curriculum to study according to their learning style. Kids In The House is hosting a Google Hangout with homeschooling experts and parents to help you decide whether or not...
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ADMISSIONS 101: How To Get Into Private School

Feb 19, 2015
By: Kids In The House
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, five million students are attending private school in the United States this year. Deciding to send your child to private school is an important decision to make as a family. Generally, private schools are more academically rigorous and can...
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How Parents Can be Involved in Elementary School Education

Jun 26, 2014
By: Kids in the House
School can often become that clandestine building where kids are dropped off and picked up routinely. Not much thought is put into what happens while they are there. Stay-at-home moms are notorious for visiting the school during the day, either to volunteer or watch school programs, or even to have...
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Ask Leana: CEO of Kids in the House

Jun 19, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Kids In The House receives questions everyday about the struggles you face as parents and Leana Greene, CEO of Kids In The House and parenting trend expert , wants to help you! She has been working hard to find the nation’s top experts to help find answers to your parenting questions. She now...
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My Kid, the Jewish Day School Reject

Jun 24, 2013
By: Malina Saval
Thin envelopes in the mail never fail to remind me of senior year in high school, when flimsy rejection letters from colleges floated softly into my mail box like dead leaves off an oak tree in winter. Good news arrived in thick manila envelopes stuffed with enrollment information like tuition and...
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Why I am Raising a Trilingual Child

May 30, 2013
Sofia, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, can carry out long, detailed conversations in Italian, Spanish, and English. She’ll say to me: “Mi manca tanto la mia nonna perche’ vive in Italia e io la voglio andare a trovare” (“I miss my grandma a lot because she lives in Italy and I want to go...
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