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ADMISSIONS 101: How To Get Into Private School

Feb 19, 2015

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, five million students are attending private school in the United States this year. Deciding to send your child to private school is an important decision to make as a family. Generally, private schools are more academically rigorous and can cost close to $40,000 annually. Our panel of experts are ready to answer your questions about applying to private school.

Sandy Eiges- Sandy started L.A. School Scout LLC. For the past six years she has helped families looking for the right fit in preschools, elementary schools, middle and high schools for their children. When she’s not helping families find the school that’s right for them, she’s enjoying time at home with her relentlessly curious and brilliantly creative daughter, who is a constant inspiration for the hopes, dreams and ideas that drive her life. LA School Scout helps families make informed and thoughtful choices about the schools that will best suit them. Our mission is to promote, encourage and applaud children's enthusiasm for school and learning; take the mystery and anxiety out of the school finding process for parents; and provide families with comprehensive information on all of their educational choices.

Gennifer Yoshimaru - Gennifer is Assistant Head of School for Advancement at Brentwood in LA. She has extensive senior level management experience in developmental education, organizational planning, and developing effective marketing materials, and holds a B.A. and an M.A. from UCLA. She is also fluent in Spanish, a subject which she taught for many years. Most recently, Gennifer held the position as Director of Institutional Advancement at Crossroads School.

Elizabeth Gregory - Elizabeth has worked at Westlake School and Harvard-Westlake School since 1970. At Westlake, she taught photography and served as Dean and Director of Admission and Financial Aid. She has been the Director of Admission of Harvard-Westlake School since the merger.

Kavita Ajmere - Kavita is the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Harvard Westlake. As part of her job, Ajmere teaches psychology and Choices and Challenges and help train the student leaders in Peer Support. As the school’s psychologist, Ajmere also consults with students who feel overwhelmed with work, have trouble with relationships or have other mental health concerns.

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