How to pick a school for your child

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How to pick a school for your child

Picking a good school is tricky, especially early on because you are not quite sure how your kid processes information. For us, one of the salient features was this idea of teaching to multiple intelligences. Any place that teaches to multiple intelligences I think: A. The whole philosophy is well-rounded and open, which is important. Not a hyper disciplinary environment, which I am not sure is good. I mean maybe for some kids but not with my daughter. And she processes things in a different way so sometimes she is more spatial relational than cognitive. And that to me is huge. That is a really great and that is a modern way of teaching that is being done all over the place now. One of the things I think is just making sure the people involved, that the people that are running it and that the people that go there, the parents, that you get a good vibe and they feel like similar. I love the people at the school my daughter goes to. They are some of my best friends now. That is great because it creates a community. The school that we go to is a really tight community. And you feel safe. I feel like other parents are looking out for my kid and I am looking out for other parents´kids. And so I think that is a big thing is just the whole overall environment. And then you assess as time goes on if you are not going what you think they need. Kids are always leaving schools and finding other ones. So just be open I guess.

See Rob Morrow's video on How to pick a school for your child...


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