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Friendships and Social Life Articles

Five Tips on Helping Kids Make Friends

Dec 26, 2016
By: Kids in the House
Though making friends is an important part of being a child, it doesn’t come easy to everyone. This childhood ritual can prove to be quite daunting for some, but with these five tips, based on expert knowledge, you can help your child navigate through this wonderfully exciting rite of passage. 1...
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Teaching Your Child About Peer Pressure

Aug 11, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Although peer pressure is a typical part of growing up, it can be difficult to deal with for both kids and parents. Technological advances have allowed children to have access to friends that they may never see. Couple that with people from school or kids in the neighborhood and peer pressure can...
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Top Three Sleepover Ideas

Aug 08, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Sleepovers are a wonderful way for your child to hang with their friends and have fun. It can be refreshing for parents to see that while today’s kids are into the newest gadgets, clothes, and hairstyles, sleepovers still remain a viable way for kids to celebrate with friends. Though traditional...
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