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Top Three Sleepover Ideas

Aug 08, 2014

Sleepovers are a wonderful way for your child to hang with their friends and have fun.  It can be refreshing for parents to see that while today’s kids are into the newest gadgets, clothes, and hairstyles, sleepovers still remain a viable way for kids to celebrate with friends. Though traditional sleepovers are still very popular, there are some other ideas that are emerging in the world of sleepovers and parties.

Pancake & Pajama Party

Parents can add on to the traditional pajama party by simply having breakfast for dinner. Instead of the traditional pizza for dinner, kids can choose from different pancakes, fruit toppings and sides such as yogurt or sausage. Parents can go as far as they want with a pancake and pajama party. Beds can be used as tables, and cookies can be made into the shape of breakfast food such as bacon and eggs. Parents can still have the latest, age-appropriate movie available along with breakfast goodies. Liane Weintraub, CEO & Co-Founder of Tasty Brand Inc., acknowledges that while parties are a great time to offer junk food, parents should make certain that they offer a variety of healthy choices such as fruit, vegetables and nuts and make certain that all food allergies are noted to avoid any mishaps.  

Pamper Me Pajama Party

This type of sleepover centers on creating a spa environment for guests. And though the spa can be expensive, this type of sleepover does not have to be. Girls can get facials, pedicures and their nails painted. Making them feel as if they are really being pampered can carry over into the decorations and gift bags. Scented candles and robes can be used while they are in the “spa” and goodie bags can be filled with things such as lotion, nail polish and sleeping masks.

Themed Sleepovers

These types of sleepovers work well for kids who really like a certain character, activity or sport. Parents can use their child’s favorite pastime as inspiration for decorations, party favors and activities.  For superhero themes, parents can turn their child’s room into the Bat Cave for a Batman theme or make a Captain America Shield for an arts and crafts project.  For the girl who likes to perform, parents can have an American Idol themed sleepover with karaoke, a dance contest, and a “make your own video” activity. Themed sleepovers can be very popular and as suggested by Jane Buckingham, author and trend forecaster, parents should let their children pick the people that they want at their own party. Tween’s are especially skilled at choosing who they want at their sleepover.


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My friends and I always made up lip syncs and dances when we had sleepovers. We still have some great videos from those times together!

I love the pancake and pajama party idea!

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