Choosing to be a surrogate

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Choosing to be a surrogate

The way I became a surrogate was very unique in that I had met Curtis prior to going on a meditation retreat in India. I did not meet his partner Desmond until I arrived in India at that retreat. And we spent almost every waking moment together - meditation, trips on the bus to see the sites and whatnot. And one night over Chai teas at dinner, they sort of expressed their desire to me about wanting to start and create a family of their own. And some of the obstacles that they were coming up against, mainly, who was going to help them do this, how were they going to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And I thought it was fascinating. So we talked at more length about it. And I went back to my room that night, sort of told my mother about the conversation we had had at dinner. And that night, I had this really vivid, amazing dream, almost like a vision, that I was pregnant with their child. That I was carrying their baby. It was really quite extraordinary. And I didn't tell them about this dream until a couple of months later. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. And wondering if I might be willing and able to help them have a family.
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Watch Video: Choosing to be a surrogate by Angela Whittaker, ...


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Angela Whittaker

Voice Actor & Writer

Angela Whittakergrew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Quite the entertainer from a young age, she constantly tortured her family with her self-directed plays and shows.  She received her B.A. in Organizational Communication from California State University, Sacramento.  She found herself doing commercial voice-overs for a medical company, got a voice-over agent, and the world of radio and television opened up to her.  She moved to Nashville to pursue singing, started meditating, and fell more deeply in love with the universe.  She studied meditation with Deepak Chopra and became one of his certified instructors.  She opened a little business called “House of Bliss,” and traveled around the country with Deepak, performing at his seminars, selling CDs (music and spoken-word poetry) and living the life of a spiritual gypsy for a few years.  She ended up on a meditation retreat in India with Deepak and 500 other people from around the world.  Everything turned upside-down during this life-changing trip when she had a vivid dream and decided to carry a baby for her gay friends, Curtis Shaw and his  long term partner- legendary songwriter, Desmond Child. Her pregnancy with the twins is chronicled in Angela's Diary-The Journey of a Surrogate Mother, a memoir awaiting publication and in the documentary, TWO-The Story of Roman and Nyro. Angela now lives with her husband, Manuel, in Santa Monica, California, and does voice-over work, currently represented in both Los Angeles and New York.  Her meditation practice remains the glue that keeps it all together, and she enjoys teaching in her spare time.  

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