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Prenatal Chiropractor Elliot Berlin, DC, shares advice on how chiropractors can help facilitate a breech baby's ability to turn into the right position before birth
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There are many things women worry about when it comes to having a baby.
Chinese Medicine Expert Dr. Daoshing Ni, shares advice on what the best Chinese medicine is to turn a breech baby and how it can have as high as a 75% success rate
Obstetrician Paul Crane, MD, explains what a breech baby is, what the likelihood of having a breech baby is, and how breech babies are typically delivered
OBGYN Anthony Chin, MD, shares advice on a few methods that can help to turn your breeched baby during the third trimester or pregnancy
Ana Paula Markel, Doula, explains a few home methods that can help pregnant women to turn their baby in utero
Ana Paula Markel, Doula, explains the reason why some newborns have weird, funny, or cone shaped heads when they are born and how long it takes for their heads to be... read more
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