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Repositioning a Baby for Childbirth

Aug 13, 2014

There are many things women worry about when it comes to having a baby. One of those is worrying whether or not your baby is positioned properly for birth. This can lead to many complications during labor. Fortunately, obstetrician Dr. Anthony Chin explains a few methods you can try if your baby needs to reposition before the birth.

  1. In some cases, playing some soft music to the baby can help it to turn. This is the first thing you should try. Play the music to your lower abdomen, so it can lead the baby’s head to go down. You can even try putting some light on this part of your body, which will also attract your baby.
  1. Doula Ana Paula Markel advises mothers to try diving or standing on your hands in the swimming pool. This is more of a belief than a proven to work procedure, but it won’t harm anybody if you try.
  1. Try tricking a baby by heating your lower abdomen and cooling the upper abdomen. Babies love to be warm, so they will naturally move away from the cold part of your belly. This is simple and can be done at home – with a pack of frozen vegetables and a bottle of hot water, for example.
  1. You can try slant board exercises and give your baby a chance to move by physical movements of your abdomen. Also, use that old iron board trick – lean the iron board on your bed and lay on it with your head on the floor. Many women claim this helped them.
  1. Chinese medicine expert Daoshing Ni explains the moxibustion technique has become popular lately – it is another heating trick, but with a scent part included. It origins from China and it’s been here for about 25 years and it has showed to be very successful.
  1. If you have tried all of these methods and your baby still hasn’t repositioned, you will want to see the doctor. There are thing the doctor can than try to rotate your baby manually.

Having your baby heading down in your belly is important if you want to have a natural birth. If you have tried everything, and the baby still refuses to change its position, think about having a cesarean. It is a safer choice since breeched babies can cause problems if they come into this world by vaginal delivery.

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I wish I had tried some of thse methods when my baby was breeched. I had to get a C-section and had a really hard time with recovery.

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