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Creating a Birth Plan Videos

Richard Jennings, President of Stem Cell Services, explains the different options available to families considering cord blood banking
Naomi Hannah, Doula, shares advice on whether or not it is alright for your other children to witness your home birth, and how to help prepare your children for your... read more
Kids in the House
When pregnant, all of your attention goes to that one special day – the day your baby will be born. read more
Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff
Pediatrician Alan Greene, MD, explains why it is necessary to include Optimal Cord Clamping in your birth plan if you want your umbilical cord clamping to be delayed
Pediatrician Alan Greene, MD, shares his top tips on how to have a "green" childbirth, and why it is important to plan your childbirth out with a birth plan
Pediatrician Alan Greene, MD, explains the benefits that delayed cord clamping has on a newborn baby that immediate cord clamping does not provide
Parenting Author & Blogger Adrian Kulp shares advice for first time dads when in the delivery room during your partner's childbirth
OBGYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD, explains the important factors to consider when creating a birth plan and deciding how and where to have your childbirth
OBGYN Jay Goldberg, MD, explains the benefits of making a birth plan while pregnant and how to make the best birth plan that fits what you want
OBGYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD, explains the benefits of creating a birth plan during pregnancy, and how to create the best birth plan for you
See Zoe Rogers's video on Preparing for natural childbirth...
Watch Zoe Rogers's video on Pros and cons of The Bradley Method...
Andra Clark, Doula, explains the importance of making your birth plan flexible in order to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances that you have no control over
Ana Paula Markel, Doula, explains what a birth plan is and the benefits it can have for women during their pregnancy
Learn about: Emotionally preparing to bring baby home from Giuditta Tornetta,...
OBGYN Shamsah Amersi, MD, explains the benefits of creating a birth plan but shares advice on why it's important to keep it flexible and open to uncontrollable... read more
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