Private vs. public cord blood banking

Richard Jennings, President of Stem Cell Services, explains the different options available to families considering cord blood banking
Public vs Private Cord Blood Banking
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Private vs. public cord blood banking

For families who are considering cord blood, there's really 3 options: one is to give it to charitable source often called a public bank; two to privately store it or three to have it discarded as medical waste. As a point of public policy, I'm highly supportive of the idea of public banking. Public banking is when people give there cord blood to a charitable source and it makes it available in a large bank for anyone who has that need. There are some differences between public and private banking but you should however understand. If you give your cord blood to a public bank, it's not always available when you need it. It really is a donation, additionally, if you are interested in public banking you need to make sure that your hospital is a participant in the public banking process. There's very few hospitals in the United States that can participate with public banking and they typically only operate during the days. If you're giving birth at night or weekends, it's likely that you'll not be able to donate. Private storage is a complementary service to the public system. Private storage is for families who have the resources to store cord blood for their own family privately. It allows them to take advantage should they ever need those stem cells. There bank privately for that family and can only be utilize by that family if a medical need comes up for them. Lastly, for people who are utilizing reproductive assisted services such as donor sperm, donor egg or even a surrogate. You may want to consider utilizing private banking because this maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to collect that 100% biological match for your child.

Richard Jennings, President of Stem Cell Services, explains the different options available to families considering cord blood banking


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Richard D. Jennings

President, Stem Cell Services

Richard Jennings brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the biomedical and healthcare fields to the California Cryobank Stem Cell business.  As president of the company, Richard has set the strategic vision which has resulted in tremendous growth of the FamilyCord business that provides cord blood and cord tissue services to pregnant moms. Prior to managing FamilyCord, Richard served as CEO of Mediscan Services, was an Administrator at Centinela Freeman Health System, and held a series of positions within the Child Care and Infant Care sectors of Kimberly-Clark. Richard Jennings earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. He is also the father of two beautiful children. 

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