Nighttime potty training

See Carol Bovill, MAED's video on Nighttime potty training...
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Nighttime potty training

Very often, parents ask, what's the right time? What's the right age when they should be out of diapers at night, or pullups, you can use either. I say it is when your child is ready. If your child's pullup or diaper are dry in the morning, they are ready for underwear. If it's not, and they are a little bit older, you feel that you want them in underwear. Wake them up in the middle of the night, it's a great time where you, as an adult, go to sleep. Take them to the bathroom. They do not remember waking up. The second thing you can do is give your child -- Stop liquids after dinner. Give your liquids at dinnertime. This will help your child.

See Carol Bovill, MAED's video on Nighttime potty training...


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Carol Bovill, MAED

Potty Training Expert

Carol Bovill is celebrating her ten-year anniversary as Director of the Mann Family Early Childhood Center at Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles.  In 2008, she opened a second school location at the historic site of the main Synagogue built in 1929. The student population for both centers is over 500 students. Carol has been a leading professional in the field of Jewish early childhood education since 1980. Carol holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology with emphasis in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, both from California State University, Northridge. She is a past president of the Association for Early Jewish Education (AEJE), the former organization of Jewish Nursery School professionals in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Prior to joining Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Carol was the Assistant Executive Director at the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Los Angeles. She developed curriculum, hired administrators and oversaw the early childhood programs at seven local Jewish Community Centers. Carol was the founding Director of the Conejo Valley Jewish Community Center for Early Childhood and Family Education.  Before working for the Jewish Community Centers, Carol was the Assistant Director at Valley Beth Shalom Nursery School. Carol started her career teaching Nursery School for children ages two to five and facilitating parenting classes.

Carol lives in Century City with her husband Dan of 33 years. Carol and Dan enjoy power walking, exercising, traveling, reading, and entertaining friends and family. Their daughter, Melissa 29, is a Director of Talent for Nickelodeon. Their son, Jeremy 26, manages an on-line provider of pet medications.  

Potty Training
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