Listening to others

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Listening to others

If your child is a leader at school and has a hard time listening to the ideas of others there is certain things that you can do to help them. One of the life skills that I talk about and that I think is so valid is learning how to take on others perspectives. It is definitely something that children have to learn because they don't. They are very egocentric. They think that their way is the only way. So it is important to teach them that other people think differently than themselves. One of the things that I like to do with very small children is to use that opportunity at lunch time. When they open their lunch boxes they see, "Oh Suzy's mom packed her a peanut butter sandwich and I have rice and beans." That is different. They just assume that their friend is going to have the same lunch as them. So when you are giving children the opportunity to learn that their are different ways of doing things with different people and taking on different perspective it might help them to learn and think outside themselves a little bit.

View Sara Schuelein Perets's video on Listening to others...


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Sara Schuelein Perets

Preschool Director

Sara Schuelein Perets is the founder and director of The Sunshine Shack preschool and the co-founder of Super Duper Arts Camp which is a summer camp and after school enrichment program designed for ages four to 14. Sara also teaches seminars and workshops to educators on process based art and exploration and is a parent educator. 

Sara’s original background was in art and classical texts and her first teaching assignment was teaching Shakespeare in Middle Schools. This experience inspired her to further her education in teaching where she found her true calling in early childhood.  She became fascinated by observing how young children could learn and develop from interacting with their environments. She has been working in the early childhood field for 15 years. Sara is passionate about raising awareness of the importance for quality in the early childhood field.

Sara’s approach to working with young children is one of respect and empathy while seeing each child for their individual needs.  Her workshops on child-led, process-based art reflects the child’s ideas and views of their world. Her seminars for parents are focused on the importance of how language can reflect who they are and how they see themselves. She believes our language and communication are powerful tools to help children gain critical thinking skills. 

Sara lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three sons.

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