Traditional vs. progressive preschools

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Traditional vs. progressive preschools | Kids in the House
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Traditional vs. progressive preschools

The difference between a tradition and progressive preschool is, a progressive school, kids are allowed to discover, play the arts and the music is a very important part of their curriculum. For kids at this age, it is very important to have that play time. That's when they socialize. That's when they problem solve. That's how they understand what it means to be in a social setting. When you have a traditional school, a lot of the focus is on learning the alphabet. The academics become the most important part of the curriculum. Kids are not allowed to have the freedom to play and discover. That's the big difference. At this age, in a preschool it is very important kids have that chance to play.

View Mimi Tamrat's video on Traditional vs. progressive preschools...


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Mimi Tamrat

Preschool Director

Mimi Tamrat was born and raised in Ethiopia. She is the Director of Little Dolphins Preschool, which provides a multi-cultural curriculum with a multitude of hands-on learning experiences in art, music, theater, dramatic play, athletics and environmental awareness. Mimi has worked in education for 25 years, and is the mother of two children. She loves to discover new books, especially those dealing with education.

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