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Learning Disabilities

Because autism is a complex neurological disorder with a full range of variations, it can be a complicated process to diagnose where a child falls on the autism spectrum... read more
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Top Expert Videos on ADD & ADHD When your child is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, your first thought might be &ldqu
Jerome Schultz, PhD shares about the "De-Stress" method to help kids succeed academically and socially when faced with other learning disabilities.
Children with ADHD and dyslexia need touch to feel safe and learn. Your parenting style should keep it in mind.
special needs children care
Raising a child with special needs can both brim with moments of joy and accomplishment, and at the same time, be loaded with moments of aggravations.
Child psychologist, Mona Delahooke, PhD explains how being different is not the same as being deficient. Watch this video for great explanations on how to communicate... read more
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According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, currently 2.4 million students are diagnosed with a learning disability and receive special education... read more
Could your child's"bad behaviors" really be a cry for help? Clinical neuropsychologist Jerome Schultz, PhD, discusses possible causes and treatments of children with... read more
Clinical neurologist Jerome Schultz, PhD, discusses how summer programs can help kids with learning disabilities by providing academic support during months without... read more
Learning disabilities in bi-lingual children can be the result of what languages children are speaking at home and at school. Expert Jerome Schultz, PhD, explains how... read more
Expert Jerome Schultz, PhD's shares his recommendations for technology in the classroom today and how we can use technology to make a positive difference for kids with... read more
Understanding a child with learning disabilities is key for both parents and teachers. Jerome Schultz, Phd, a clinical neuropsychologist specializing in special... read more
Clinical neuropsychologist Jerry Schultz, PhD discusses the true differences between chronic, toxic and regular stress as they manifest in the children, especially those... read more
How kids with learning disabilities can succeed? Widely known neuropsychologist Jerry Schultz, PhD, shares great tips on how to turn failure into success for children... read more
Nationally acclaimed speaker and child advocate Michael Pritchard shares great information how parents and kids can overcome dyslexia challenges and ADHD challenges.
Pediatric neuropsychologist Sandra K. Loo, PhD, discusses key tips helping dyslexic children recognize and strengthen phonological awareness. Watch this video for great... read more
As a pediatric clinical neuropsychologist and professor, Sandra K. Loo, PhD, knows from her extensive experience and research what treatments are and are not helpful for... read more
Sandra K. Loo, PhD Pediatric Neuropsychologist, explains what verbal working memory is, and how strengthening it can help children with dyslexia
Does dyslexia vary from person to person? Esteemed clinical neuropsychologist Sandra K. Loo, PhD, explains how dyslexia can actually vary between individuals and why... read more
Sandra K. Loo, PhD Pediatric Neuropsychologist, explains the links between ADD and Dyslexia in children and shares the importance of assessing and treating both of them.
Do you know what linguistic retrieval for dyslexic people is? How is it measured? Sandra K. Loo, PhD, specializes in neuropsychological assessments of childhood... read more
Sandra K. Loo, PhD, works as a child clinical psychologist in the Medical Psychology Assessment Center and the UCLA ADHD Clinics. She discusses the many widespread... read more
As a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Assistant Professor at UCLA, Sandra K. Loo, PhD, shares everything you need to know about college applications and dyslexia, such as... read more
While online dyslexia evaluations might be more convenient in some sense, clinical neuropsychiatrist Sandra K. Loo, PhD, shares the significance of comprehensive... read more
Sandra K. Loo, PhD Pediatric Neuropsychologist, explains how dyslexia and reading disorders are often meant as the same things, depending on the professional who makes... read more
Professor and clinical neuropsychiatrist Sandra K. Loo, PhD describes how phonological awareness can help students with dyslexia. Hear what word and sounds our expert... read more
The psychological impacts of dyslexia are more widespread than one might imagine. Pediatric clinical neuropsychiatrist Sandra K. Loo, PhD, offers great advice on how to... read more
Academic success with for students with dyslexia really comes from the "intervention and educational accommodations" for students. Hear more about helping your child... read more
Educational specialist Carolyn McWilliams, MA, discusses extra time for students taking standardized tests and gives some of the advantages and disadvantages of allowing... read more
Carolyn McWilliams, MA Educational Specialist, shares advice for parents on the best methods for identifying and helping your child when they are having trouble in school
Carolyn McWilliams, MA Educational Specialist, shares advice for parents on how to recognize and treat learning disabilities in children
Widely known clinical psychologist Karen Schiltz, PhD's gives a great step by step explanation for parents on how to choose a reading program that will be most effective... read more
Speech-Language Pathologist Barbara Schacter, LCSW, shares advice for parents on the best method for helping your young child with stuttering
Widely known for an array of professional accomplishments, dyslexia and ADD specialist Angela Gonzales, MD reflects on her personal experience of working with her... read more
What are some visible signs of writing problems in your child? Clinical psychologist and author Karen Schiltz, PhD helps parents understand what to look for in children... read more
Known affectionately as Dr. Angie, Angela Gonzales, MD explains what dyspraxia is and how she has worked with her patients to correct visual and spatial perception... read more
Neuropsychologist Karen Schilts, PhD, shares advice for parents on how to recognize the early signs that your child may have a reading difficulty
Neuropsychologist and published author Karen Schiltz, PhD shares what learning disability warning signs to look out for in your children and what to do if you notice... read more
Preparing a child with special needs for college might sound daunting and stressful for a parents. Educational specialist Kari Miller, PhD, BCET reassures parents by... read more
As an educational specialist herself, Kari Miller, PhD, BCET, helps parents find the right to to get professional help from an educational therapist if it becomes... read more
This video provides the three key problems that special needs kids can face and how they can overcome these obstacles. Educational specialist Kari Miller, PhD, BCET,... read more
Kari Miller, PhD Educational Specialist, shares advice for parents on the factors the have the greatest effect on a child's ability to learn and what parents can do to... read more
Educational Specialist Nathalie Kunin, MEd, shares advice for parents on how to differentiate the signs of your child being a slow learner or having a learning disability
Nationally acclaimed educator Jane M. Healy, PhD, an educational psychologist and author gives parents a great resources for helping their child handle learning... read more
How do stomach aches before and at school signal educational issues in children? Internationally recognized author and consultant Jane M. Healy, PhD identifies a key... read more
The recent increase in ADHD and autism diagnoses today poses a fascinating questions for educational psychologists like Jane M. Healy, PhD. Watch this video for more... read more
Genetics play a large and interesting role in learning. Educational specialist and internationally acclaimed author and speaker, Jane M. Healy, PhD's explains some... read more
Internationally acclaimed author and speaker and educational psychologist Jane M. Healy, PhD focuses on the gifts and talents of children with learning disabilities and... read more
Neuropsychologist Karen Schilts, PhD, shares advice for parents on the best methods for helping and treating your child's dyslexia
Jane M. Healy, PhD Educational Psychologist, shares advice for parents on how the way kids process information affects their school learning