Benefits of family therapy

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Benefits of family therapy

We've come to the recognition in the field that we have to build parent capacity. And so the idea of involving the family in treatment is a crucial aspect of working with any kind of teenage or young adult or childhood mental illness. Within the world of family work, there's many varieties. One is psycho-education, explaining to the parents what this condition is and what's going to help it, what may make it worse. There's other models that specifically build parent capacity. So family stabilization is a whole model that is existent in Massachusetts as a result of the Rosie D. lawsuit that I would encourage people to look into. The idea is the child's in the home and all the resources are brought to the family. This is typically a time-limited treatment, but the idea is that the child isn't removed necessarily to a hospital or to a residential program, but rather is working within the environment that they would return to from these other settings. And the clinicians then try to work within that setting to build the capacity of the family.

See Kenneth Duckworth, MD's video on Benefits of family therapy...


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Kenneth Duckworth, MD

Psychiatrist, Harvard Professor & Medical Director for NAMI

Ken Duckworth, MD, serves as the medical director for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He is triple board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult, Child and Adolescent, and Forensic Psychiatry and has extensive experience in the public health arena.

Dr. Duckworth is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard University Medical School, and has served as a board member of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists. Dr. Duckworth has held clinical and leadership positions in community mental health, school psychiatry and now also works as Associate Medical Director for Behavioral Health at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Prior to joining NAMI in 2003, Dr. Duckworth served as Acting Commissioner of Mental Health and the Medical Director for Department of Mental Health of Massachusetts, as a psychiatrist on a Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) team, and Medical Director of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

Dr. Duckworth attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors and Temple University School of Medicine where he was named to the medical honor society, AOA. While at Temple, he won awards for his work in psychiatry and neurology. He also has a family member living with mental illness.

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