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How To Talk To Your Kids About Teen Relationships

Jul 13, 2015

Talking to your teenage daughter or son about relationships can bring up a range of emotions and is usually pretty awkward for both parties involved.

When your child enters middle school and high school, co-ed interactions are inevitable. As hormones start raging, teenagers start to wonder more about their fellow peers, looking to develop different types of relationships.

Teen dating

During the teenage years, kids start to experiment with one another and are curious about various interactions. The most important thing you can do as a parents is to have an open communication.

Kids In The House has a number of parenting professionals and a particularly vast library when it comes to teen dating.

For example, John Gray is a leading expert in the field of relationships. His books have sold over 50 million copies in more than 50 different languages. Gray is a master of teen dating and relationships in general. In his video, What I Should Teach My Child about First Relationships , he explains the necessity of parents supporting their children. It is imperative that parents guide teens through all the different emotions associated with teen dating.

Gary A. Dordick, a father of five and a well-renowned lawyer in Los Angeles, is another expert featured on the Kids In The House website. In his video, Advice for Handling Teenage Romance , he talks about how paramount communication between kids and parents is, especially when it comes to articulating emotions that might put the child in a vulnerable position.

It is crucial for parents to know who their kids are hanging out with, meaning friends and significant others should come by the house so that the parents have a context within which they can understand their children socially. Talk to your teen about what you think makes a healthy relationship so that they have a set of exemplary standards.

Wendy Walsh is another relationship and parenting expert. In her video, Teens, Dating and Mating Advice for Parents , she talks about how traditional courtship has disappeared and because of that parents need to be there for their children more than ever. Have transparent conversations with your teens about things like birth control and condoms so that they can be prepared before anything happens.

When you start to wonder what your teen is thinking when it comes to dating, remember you were there at some point yourself! It’s better to listen than it is to be judgemental.


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