Getting an agent for your child actor

Learn about: Getting an agent for your child actor from Robin Nassif,...
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Getting an agent for your child actor

Something that I look for in a child when they're auditioning for me is something that makes them stand apart from every other child. I need to see the essence of their personality, and that's what the casting director is looking for when you go into the room. They need to see that you do the part differently from everybody else. That's what gets you the call back. That's what gets you the job. I find most of my kids through referrals. Casting directors, managers, acting schools. There are many different ways to find an agent, many different avenues. We find young actors through acting workshops, showcases, plays, director referrals, manager referrals, if your child is in a reputable acting class, chances are that acting teacher will be able to recommend known agents and managers that can get your child on the path to success.

Learn about: Getting an agent for your child actor from Robin Nassif,...


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Robin Nassif

Youth Talent Agent

Robin Nassif started her career at Norman Lear's Tandem Productions, where she cast the series Facts of Life, One Day at a Time, Silver Spoons, and Square Pegs with her partner Marc Hirschfeld. In 1984 she became Manager of Casting at ABC. Some of the shows she supervised and helped cast in that position were Moonlighting, Wonder Years, Twin Peaks, Growing Pains and Full House. In 1988, Robin was promoted to Director of Casting. In the next eight years, she supervised over 150 pilots including Roseanne, Home Improvement, Boy Meets World, and Drew Carey. She set up many showcases for ABC executives to introduce them to the talent of Kevin James, Tim Allen, Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Stewart, Will Ferrell, Rosie O' Donnell, and Adam Sandler, among others.In 1996 Robin formed her own casting company, Nassif & Baca Casting. In the next 12 years, she and her partner Patrick Baca cast Halloween 8, L.A. Law: The Movie, Strip Mall pilot and series for Comedy Central, Stargate: Atlantis, and Alligator Point pilot for NBC. She also headed up reality casting for Columbia Pictures TV, placing the leads on many reality shows including Ripley's Believe It or Not.In 2009, she took a position heading up the Youth Division at Diverse Talent Group. She had 8 test option deals in her second pilot season, and placed series regulars on So Random, The Jada Grace Show and Clue, as well as many SAG features including Red State, Spiderman and Project X. Robin now heads up the Youth Division at Media Artists Group. She has 4 actors testing for series presently, and 5 actors as regulars or recurring on series. Many others are booking roles in SAG features, The Lost Medallion being the most recent.  

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