The role of self-esteem in bullying

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The role of self-esteem in bullying | Kids in the House
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The role of self-esteem in bullying

The role self-esteem plays in bullying is a very important one. There is a bit of a split these days when it comes to how the bully is actually feeling. Is it low self-esteem. Is it high self-esteem. Is it really a sense of entitlement that the bully feels? So whether it's the target, the bully, and even the bystander; self-esteem is really the one through line throughout. For the target to endure any kind of bullying, it really affects their self-esteem in such a poor way. For the bully, as I said, finding a split in these studies where you have these gross sense of entitlement where they can feel like they can act in any way, shape, or form to another human being because there is no sense of humanity or integrity or empathy. If they have a low self-esteem, that obviously, begins in their home. We trace it back that way. For the bystander, it's really important for the bystander to have a healthy self-esteem, so that they can stand for the target. Once the target has other people on side, the bully has now power over any situation; so there is no bullying situation.

Watch Leigh Rachel Faith's video on The role of self-esteem in bullying...


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Leigh Rachel Faith

Champions Against Bullying

Passionate about building safe communities for children, Faith has served as Champions Against Bullying’s Youth Coordinator and Spokesperson since its inception in 2003. Taking the reigns as Director of Operations, she spearheaded the organization’s expansion across the United States and assisted the organization’s process in gaining nonprofit status in 2008.

Faith’s extensive background in psychology, her work as an actress and dancer in film, television and theatre, in addition to her years in tutoring, has earned her a strong following as a mentor for young children. She brings a variety of talent and experience to the table and is an invaluable asset to the development of new programs and initiatives for Champions Against Bullying.

While continuing her career as a film and TV actress, every day is an opportunity for Faith to make a difference in the world. She is dedicated to the empowerment of all children around the globe. In her workshops and presentations, Faith informs and inspires her audience – kids, educators and parents - to take action and join her in protecting children and enhancing their lives.

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