How to make a good impression at college

Lisa Gache, Manners & Etiquette Expert, shares advice for parents on the best way to help your child make a good impression when they first arrive at college
How To Help Your Child Make A Good Impression At College
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How to make a good impression at college

Your child can ensure a good first impression when they leave for college by just thinking of a few important elements. The first thing is smile. A smile is inviting. It conveys friendliness. It will allow them to meet lots of new people in this college environment. Secondly, just to have a good attitude. So many people don´t have a good attitude. So they simply are enjoying this new experience and really participating in all of this, that will allow other people to come to them. They also should think about introducing themselves to new people. It is a new environment. That is a wonderful way to make that experience a little bit more easy for them in this new setting. And also, they will be sharing rooms with other students. So to be mindful and sensitive to others and also our own belongings and the things that we own and to be respectful of others. These are all really good ways to make a positive first impression when going off to college.

Lisa Gache, Manners & Etiquette Expert, shares advice for parents on the best way to help your child make a good impression when they first arrive at college


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Lisa Gache

Manners & Etiquette Expert

Lisa Gaché is the foremost etiquette, manners and life skills expert for children from the parenting perspective. The Los Angeles Times named her company, Beverly Hills Manners, the etiquette school to "teach your kids to be polite." Her straightforward and doable advice has been featured on CNN, NPR, KTLA and “The Today Show” and in popular publications from USA Today and the New York Post to Woman’s Day magazine. Her contributions to blogs and websites range from the Los Angeles Times, AOL and The Huffington Post to and, as well as numerous parenting websites including ParentsAsk, Momversation, New Parent and Buttoned Up. Lisa has been a guest expert on a number of reality shows including “Charm School” on VH1, “Living with Ed” for the Discovery Channel and the soon to be aired “Mrs. Anka’s New PA”.  

In the fall of 2009, after almost eight years of working in her field, Lisa furthered her education by enrolling in The Protocol School of Washington, the first and only nationally accredited school to meet the high standards set by the ACCET and the US Department of Education. She received her certification as a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant. 

Gaché is currently writing her debut book—the first fun and humorous parenting guide on manners for kids and teens. Her first manners App was released in early 2011 for both the iPhone and the Android. Lisa is a native New Yorker who was raised in Beverly Hills. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and currently resides in Beverly Hills with her entertainment attorney husband and two young daughters.

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