What are some creative ways to help children understand math

Learn about: What are some creative ways to help children understand math from Kimberly Etter,...
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What are some creative ways to help children understand math


Some creative ways to introduce math to children that have a difficulty understanding math concepts would be to possibly take them back to the concrete ideas. For example, using Montessori materials. That has been very beneficial for the younger children, and sometimes the older children have missed that. So taking them and actually doing a number line where you are standing on a number line on a floor, showing direction, a positive and a negative and having the child move in accordance to the problem. Sometimes making connections in real life, such as, baking. Eating pizza can bring in lots of wonderful opportunities to bring in fractions, and making it real. Lot of times, children will ask, "What does it have to do with me? Why do I have to know this stuff?" Come up with problems that they can solve, so they will learn to take a problem, take it apart, put some of the basic facts that they are learning, and come up with an answer.

Additional resource: gamify the learning of multiplication tables: https://www.mathschase.com/

Learn about: What are some creative ways to help children understand math from Kimberly Etter,...


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Kimberly Lynn Etter is married to her high school sweetheart, Mike. They have shared the wonderful experience of parenthood with their three incredible sons and one amazing daughter, and have shared the indescribable joy of one awesome grandson...their life is blessed!

Kimberly has been in education in several capacities over the years, and it is her passion. She has homeschooled and unschooled her children, has tutored at-risk youth, has taught in private schools, and was a principal for a year. From a Montessori preschool to a juvenile detention facility, she has enjoyed working with a diversity of young people. As an innovative educator with radical ideas, to her surprise she found her tribe at iLEAD Lancaster Charter School in Lancaster, California, in 2012. She was invited to facilitate iLEAD's home study program as director.

Kimberly's goal for iLEAD Lancaster's Home Study program is to provide a personalized learning environment, committed to nurturing a passion for lifelong learning. She respects and supports families’ choices to educate their children in a manner best suited to them while collaborating with them to provide a creative educational experience. She feels deeply honored to be a part of their homeschooling journey.

Recognizing that children are natural learners, Kimberly desires to facilitate a collaborative environment through a democratic process of decision-making where students are allowed the freedom to pursue their passion and take ownership of their learning. She understands that when children are given a rich environment like fertile soil for a garden, they can flourish while becoming self-directed, life-long learners. In her years of experience in education, she recognizes that motivation comes from within as a child is allowed to freely explore their interests.

Photography is also an intricate part of Kimberly’s life. Giving her first film SLR camera as a high school graduation gift, Kimberly’s father is responsible for sparking her interest and love of photography! She loves taking pictures, especially of children! Through her lens, she is inspired to capture the joy of learning in the learners at iLEAD.




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