Ways to help your child succeed in school

Ways to help your child succeed in school
Ways to help your child succeed in school | Kids in the House
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Ways to help your child succeed in school

Some of the best tips I can help parents are, to help their child be organized. Organization in school is very, very important. Go through their backpack each evening and look at what they did. Don't ask them, "Tell me what you did today." Say, "Show me what you did in school today." Help them understand that they need to be as successful as possible in school and you are there to support them. Supporting them in Middle School is just as important as it was to support them in Elementary School. Some parents believe that when their child goes off to Middle School, you should be hands-off and they should be independent. That's not true. The opposite is the one that works the best.


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Lauren Weiss, PhD

Dropout Prevention Expert

Lauren Weiss is an experienced Middle School Teacher of 13 years and published author of numerous educational books designed to help students and parents navigate the sometimes-difficult pre-teen years of school. Her student guidebook series are “manuals” that empower students by explaining such topics as how to interact with multiple teachers, how to access school resources, and how to respond to multiple real-life relevant situations that students encounter at school each day. Plus, each guidebook contains pages to track grades and test scores, plan for college, and assess life skills and personal growth. There is a special chapter on “How To Deal with Bullies.” Her bilingual (Spanish) Parent Guidebooks series includes How To Help The 6th Grader in Middle School and How To Raise a High-School Ready, College-Bound Graduate.

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