Increased stress in kids

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Increased stress in kids

Unfortunately these days we are seeing a lot of stress, much more that we've seen in the past. In young kids and an in older kids, and part of it is just the Economy, World Events and little kids even though they are not watching news they will hear their parents talk about it. So, when the parents are stressed, obviously the kids feel that as well. But, what was really is surprising to us in our research is the amount of stress coming from the academic pressure. We've never seen so much pressure before on kids to get the top grades, to get the test scores, part of this comes from standardize testing, part of this comes from more kids applying to colleges and more competitive college admission system. As a parent, what you need to do is really keep the big picture in mind. Your kid might be having stomach aches, headaches, difficulty sleeping, test anxiety, you might be seeing a kid who doesn't want to go to school. You want to find out what is at the root of this problem. What's going on, is there something going on at school that's causing this or is it general pressure to get the grades and the feeling they're going to let you down if they don't get those grades. In older kids, this can actually turn very serious. We see perfectionism, we see disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, sleep issues, eating disorders. We see kids who are cutting themselves. So, you want to be aware of the signs and most importantly you want to figure out what's at the root here, is it because we are putting too much pressure on our kids about their performance as supposed to their learning and understanding and enjoyment of school. Which in the long run leaves to the better grades.

Learn about: Increased stress in kids from Denise Pope, PhD,...


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Denise Pope, PhD

Senior Lecturer & Author

Denise Pope, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the Stanford University School of Education. For the past 13 years, she has specialized in student engagement, curriculum studies, qualitative research methods, and service learning. She is co-founder of Challenge Success, a research and intervention project that aims to reduce unhealthy pressure on youth and champions a broader vision of youth success. Challenge Success is an expanded version of the SOS: Stressed-Out Students project that Dr. Pope founded and directed from 2003-2008. She lectures nationally on parenting techniques and pedagogical strategies to increase student health, engagement with learning, and integrity. Her book, Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students was awarded Notable Book in Education by the American School Board Journal, 2001. Dr. Pope is a three time recipient of the Stanford University School of Education Outstanding Teacher and Mentor Award.  Prior to teaching at Stanford, Dr. Pope taught high school English in Fremont, CA and college composition and rhetoric courses at Santa Clara University. She lives in Los Altos, CA with her husband and three children.

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