Warning signs of suicide

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Warning signs of suicide

Suicide and suicidal thinking is one of the problems and potential consequences of depression that we really worry about as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and suicidal thinking is not that uncommon. At least, 1 child in 10 thinks about suicide each year and when we look at the suicide statistics, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among older adolescent, the second leading cause of death among college student and even among younger kids, as school age kids, it’s about the 6th leading cause of death, so it’s a significant issue, what we look for in terms of warning signs are things like kids stop thinking about their future, they don’t make plans for the future, they don’t talk to people about what they’re going to do next week or next month, they might start giving away their most important possessions, they make arrangements for their pets or collections. I've actually seen kids who have written out wills. But the other important thing is that they’ll often tell somebody, they’ll often let someone know that they are thinking about doing something and one of the things that we’re trying to do is to encourage kids if anyone talks to you about thinking about hurting themselves, you’ve got to tell an adult, tell a teacher, tell a counsellor or a parent so that we can intervene and help these kids.

View David Fassler, MD's video on Warning signs of suicide...


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David Fassler, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

David Fassler, MD, is a child and adolescent psychiatrist practicing in Burlington, Vermont. A graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, he completed his training in adult psychiatry at the University of Vermont, and in child psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He currently serves as clinical director of Otter Creek Associates, a multidisciplinary practice providing comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment services. Dr. Fassler is also a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont, and the Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at the Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families.

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