How does self-injury usually begin?

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How does self-injury usually begin?

The way cutting starts or any kind of self injury starts for kids is different for each kid. It is very interesting because again when I started working on self injuries a long time ago, they had never heard of that before. And it just came out of the blue. They were angry or very sad at some point and just picked up an object and hurt themselves or hit something to hurt themselves. And they had never heard about it. And they thought it was a crazy behavior. Now, however, a lot of kids are learning it from the internet. They are learning it from media. They might have kids that do this. And they might have a friend who said it worked for them. What does that exactly mean? It worked for them. It tells me that these kids might be in some sort of emotional pain and they are looking for something to help them relieve that pain.

See Wendy Lader, PhD's video on How does self-injury usually begin?...


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Wendy Lader, PhD


Dr. Lader is co-founder and clinical director of the S.A.F.E. (Self Abuse Finally Ends) Alternatives Program. An internationally recognized expert on the treatment of self-injury, she lectures extensively on the subject and is co-author of the book, Bodily Harm: The Breakthrough Healing Program for Self-Injurers as well as Self Injury: A Manual for School Professionals. In addition, she served as the expert for a training video on Self-Injury for the American Psychological Association. Dr. Lader is co- founder of the Self-Injury Foundation and a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury. 

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