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Defiance and Back Talk

Teen Defiance

A defiant teenager might portray out of control or disrespectful behavior towards parents. Cursing, using drugs and alcohol, and being difficult are all examples of defiant behavior. Dealing with these circumstances can be challenging or frustrating, but it is important to remember that this is still your child. Experts in the field share tips and advice for how to deal with an unruly teenager.

Why Teenagers Rebel

Adolescence marks a key turning point in the life of a young adult. Before figuring out solutions to the issues at hand, it is important to consider what else might be going on with your teenager that is causing these specific actions. Problems at home or destructive social situations can directly impact a teenager’s behavior. Substance abuse and addiction problems can also influence attitude.
“While it is true that in every culture the adolescent period is marked by teenagers pushing away from adults, especially the ones who raised them,” Daniel J. Siegel, MD and award wining author, remarks about the adolescent stage. ... Read more

Vanessa Van Petten
How do you know when your child or teen is telling you the truth? Being able to decipher truth from fiction is incredibly important for parents.
Parenting expert and author Michael Riera, PhD, shares advice for parents on how to help their teenage child truly learn from their mistakes
Jonathan Nadlman, MFT Psychotherapist, explains what leads teenagers to rebel against their parents, and offers a solution for parents on how they can create a positive... read more
Judy Willis, MD, MEd
There's no simple prescription for getting rid of your teenager's defiant and rebellious behavior. read more
There have been a lot of opinions published online lately regarding public shaming of children on the Internet and social media in order to teach kids a lesson and... read more
Psychologist Joshua Coleman, PhD describes how parents can best respond when a child rejects them or becomes critical of their parenting
Best-selling author and neuropyschiatrist Daniel J. Siegel tackles with the commonly asked question, "what do I do when my child wants to dress inappropriately?" Get his... read more
Widely acclaimed author and professor Daniel J. Siegel discusses key tactics for parents dealing with defiant teenagers, and what parents can do when they feel like... read more
Daniel Siegel, MD Best-Selling Author, shares advice for parents on the best methods for repairing your relationship with your teenager after losing it with them
Clinical psychologist and award-winning author Shefali Tsabary, reflects on how to be a conscious parent by understanding challenges and growths from every stage of your... read more
Shefali Tsabary, PhD explains how to balance control versus space when teens are acting out or pushing boundaries. Some of her key approaches include understanding and... read more
Watch Video: How consciously parenting teens can help ease conflict by Shefali Tsabary, PhD, ...
Director of the UCLA Parenting and Children's Friendship Program, Cynthia G. Whitham, LCSW's discusses how to speak to teens versus speaking to younger children. She... read more
Author and expert Cynthia G. Whitham, LCSW explains effective arguing methods if you find yourself in an altercation with your teenager. Watch this video for some great... read more
Award-winning author, speaker, and psychologist Michael Bradley explains why teenagers in their developmental stages are drawn to drama and arguing. For more help on... read more
Parent educator and expert Kim DeMarchi, MEd, CPE, lets parents know that sometimes it is okay to let go. For more information and tips on communicating with your... read more
Douglas Green, MFT, a family therapist, explains why teenagers choose "awful" music to listen to and what parents can do to move past this stage of teenage rebellion.
Amazing author and psychotherapist SuEllen Hamkins, MD helps parents respond constructively when their child may say something like "I hate you." She adds great tips to... read more
Avoiding conflict with your teenager might be difficult, but global youth ambassador Marushka Mujic reassures parents that these stages are inherent to growth and... read more
Is your teenager always sassy or sarcastic? Clinical Psychologist Chris Fulton, PhD offers some advice for communicating with your teen in a positive tone to overcome... read more
If you find yourself with an extremely defiant teenager, it might be time to ask for help or switch your approach to communicating with them. Clinical psychologist Chris... read more

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