Growing up too quickly

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Growing up too quickly

How do you prevent a child from growing up too quickly? You know, you can’t. that’s the problem is you really can’t. So… I mean you give them time to be a kid, you don’t over… when they’re overstructured you give them room to be completely unstructured. Those are obvious. It’s an exponential thing where every generation is that much more advanced and mature than the one preceding, you know? My daughter at 10 is so much more sophisticated and aware than I was at 10 for sure. You know this year – she’s in 5th grade – it’s mandatory in her school that she has to bring a laptop every day and they go online. And so she is exposed to it and so it’s really just a question of being there for her to bounce… for when she gets into stuff that is inappropriate or that’s stuff she can’t handle. You know, I had an interesting thing recently where she’s really into music and she wanted this song. And I get her most songs or sometimes I bargain with her – I say if she does this activity or if she fulfills this or she gets a good grade or something, or whatever it is I can leverage – instead of just giving her. And it’s Rihanna’s song called “S&M” and I’d heard it and loved it. And so when she hummed it to me I was like, “Yeah, I love that. Let’s get it.” So we’ve got it and I didn’t pay attention that it was called “S&M”, you know? I didn’t make the connection, I didn’t know. And then I started listening to it with her and I was like, “Oh my God, it’s about sadomasochism.” And I’ve always been of the mind –and I was raised this way too – was anything she wants to know, I’ll tell her. If she really wants to know, I’ll try to find it in a way to coach it so she can understand. But if she wants to ask me about sex or drugs or Santa Claus or whatever – if she really wants to know, I will try to explain it to her. But S&M… I was like… I couldn’t even think. I was like, “There’s no… I can’t even begin to… how am I going to teach a kid what S&M is. It’s impossible.” So I pulled the song. I said, “You can’t listen to this song anymore.”

Watch Rob Morrow's video on Growing up too quickly...


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As an Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Rob Morrow is a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and director with an established career in television spanning over three decades. He is best known for his Emmy Award-nominated role in “Northern Exposure” and for starring in the long-running CBS hit drama, “Numb3rs”. Rob lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles.

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