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Transgender Kids

Having a Transgender Child

The term transgender describes people whose gender expression or identity does not match the sex that they were born with. Gender identity represents a person’s internal understanding of being male or female, while gender expression illustrates how people chose to share their gender identity. For example, gender expression can be shown through clothing, makeup, or certain behaviors. In today’s society transgender or gender-nonconforming identities are constantly changing in terms of how people perceive them and how they perceive themselves.

Under the greater category of transgender, there are many more specific terms that can be used. One of them, for example, is transsexual. Transsexual refers to individuals who find that their gender identity is different from their biological sex. Transsexual people may desire to change their bodies through the usage of hormones or a surgery. Those assigned female but who identify as male are known as transsexual men or female-to-male. On the other hand, those assigned male but identify as female ... Read more

Transgender organizations resource page
Additional Resources: Books: Brill, Stephanie A.
Johanna Olson, MD, shares advice for parents on how to accept a gender non-conforming child and explains the challenges that the child can face
Johanna Olson, MD, shares advice for parents about the steps that a gender non-conforming child takes during social transistioning
Outstanding educational specialist Kevin Jennings shares advice on what to do if your kid is dropping hints about their sexual identity.
Diane Ehrensaft, PhD offers advice on coming out that could be applied to anyone in the LGBT community.
Are you facing financial or cultural challenges that are stopping you from receiving the support you need? Widely acclaimed pediatrician, Dr. Johanna Olson shares ways... read more
Online support groups for gender non-conforming teens can be extremely beneficial and supportive. Trans-youth expertJohanna Olson, MD explains how these networks bring... read more
Statistics of individuals who have regretted their transition provide a clear insight in what goes into a process such as this one. Highly regarded pediatrician and... read more
Pastor Jimmy Bartz discusses the intersection between homosexuality and religion and shares advice for parents.
Supporting your child and finding a health care professional that works best for you and your family along are just some of the amazing tips that developmental and... read more
Most commonly, parents wonder what the statistics are surrounding transgender or non-conforming teenagers. Pediatrician and trans-youth expert Johanna Olson assures... read more
How is a boy who feels like a girl treated? Dr. Johanna Olson, a pediatrician specializing in the care of transgender youth, discusses the role of medical doctors and... read more
Finding the right mental health professional for gender non-conforming children can be difficult. Hear what Dr. Johanna Olson, from Children's Hospital, LA, has to say... read more
What happens in a situation where parents disagree about a gender-nonconforming child? Medical director for Transyouth Health and Development at Children's Hospital LA,... read more
Expert Johanna Olson, MD recognizes that cross-sex hormone therapy might sounds daunting, but it is actually pretty safe. She explains key side-effects and what patients... read more
How do you know when the right time for intervention for gender non-conforming children is? Expert on trans-youth health and development, Dr. Johanna Olson, clearly... read more
Pediatrician Johanna Olson, MD Medical Director, Center for Transyouth Heath... read more
Working with a pediatrician vs. a specialized for treating gender non-conforming children marks an important step in an adolescents plan. Learning to work with the right... read more
When is the right time to treat a youth for gender re-assignment? Do you need advice on this subject. Hear what Dr. Johanna Olson, medical director for Trans-youth at... read more
Dr. Olson, pedestrian and expert in gender variant children, explains the steps for treating a girl that feels she is a boy. The importance of mental health assistance... read more
Dr. Johanna Olson unravels the complex subject of gender confirmation surgery by explaining the key steps and phases of the process.
Johanna Olson, MD, Transgender Youth Care Specialist, shares advice for parents of transgendered youth who have difficulty allowing their child to move forward with the... read more
The evaluation for gender reassignment surgery is a key factor in the transition process for any child. Hear how Dr. Johanna Olson narrows down some of these key aspects.
See Johanna Olson, MD's video on Issues facing the vulnerable population of gender non-conforming youth...
Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, shares advice for parents on how to help create a safe school environment for your transgender child
Distinguished educational specialist Kevin Jennings reveals the difference between sexual orientation, sexual identity, and sexual behavior to dispel some commonly held... read more
Puberty blockers and hormones for transgender youth can be extremely positive options, both for the teen's health and mental state. Clinical psychologist, Diane... read more
Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, explains the challenges that face transgender youths during puberty and explains what some potential options are for them to deal with it
Creating safe environments at school for LQBTQ children is vital, according to Kevin Jennings, expert and specialist in this field. His past experiences working with the... read more
Kevin Jennings, Leader of the Obama Administration's Anti-Bullying Initiative, shares advice for parents on what to do when their child is being bullied at school
Can you make your child gay? Kevin Jennings, LGBT educational specialist and advocate gives a couple reasons why this question does not hold any truth.
Kevin Jennings, educational specialist on LQBTQ youth, discusses why are some parents the last ones to hear about their child coming out. Find out why some LGBTQ... read more
Diane Ehrensaft, PhD's list some simple tips for parents raising a transgender or gender non-conforming child. Hear what she suggests parents do to help support their... read more
Kevin Jennings reflect on his childhood and schooling experience to helps parents with children in the same unsafe environment know who to protect their child and move... read more
Parents might feel alone if they have a LGBTQ child, but Kevin Jennings, educational specialist, guarantees parents that seeking out support will provide answers to... read more
How should parents address their transgender child in front of others? Since many parents might be unsure of how to handle this, expert Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, suggests a... read more
Reasons why LGBTQ kids might be involved in unsafe sex habits are complex. Kevin Jennings, LGBTQ educational specialist offers reasons why these adolescents might not... read more
Kevin Jennings' nationally recognized work on bullying provides a great basis for education. Bullying can be extremely harmful, especially for LGBTQ children who are... read more
Watch as Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, shares stunning statistical information on youth after they have transitioned and are happier, less stressed, less anxious, and more... read more
The interaction with your child after they tell you they are transgender is important. If you feel like you need extra support and help in the area, Diane Ehrensaft, PhD... read more
Using specific phrases such as "that's so gay" can be extremely hurtful to some children. Hear Kevin Jennings, educational specialist, explain why this is so harmful and... read more
The threat of suicide if frightening for any parent. Learn more about why LGBTQ children are more at risk for suicide and what you can do as a parent to help.
Why do a lot of LGBTQ youth engage in heterosexual activity and what are the consequences of this? Expert Kevin Jennings, an educational specialist focused on... read more
Expert and advocate Kevin Jennings shares the most important LGBTQ organizations for both teenagers and parents to find support and help when needed.


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