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Teen Drinking

The teen years are some of the most confusing and trying times in a person’s life. While some teens may sail through them without a glitch, others get sidetracked and start to experiment with different substances, often starting with alcohol. Teen drinking has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade.

As kids grow into teenagers, they enter a vulnerable stage in their lives as they attempt to traverse the bridge from childhood into adolescence. Two of the most challenging decisions, for an individual that is not properly prepared to make difficult choices are whether to experiment with drugs and alcohol. By virtue of fact that these kids are so young and lacking the worldly experiences, they are ill prepared to deal with the consequences that follow, i.e. Addiction.

Some believe that teen drinking during adolescence is part of self-exploration. Curiosity, exploration, and the trying of new thing are considered perfectly normal. Most teens that have fallen victim to teen drinking were more than likely dealing with one or more ... Read more

Expert Karen Khaleghi, PhD, explains the difference between drug or alcohol use versus abuse or addiction and how to protect your teenager from these issues.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced several new recommendations related to drunk driving, one of which is to pursue a national .05 BAC per se limit.
Shepard Kopp, Esq. Criminal Defense Attorney, explains what happens when a teen is caught drinking and driving depending on various different circumstances
Watch Michael J. Bradley, EdD's video on why alcohol is the biggest threat to our teens and help your teen make responsible decisions when it comes to alcohol.
Michael J. Bradley, EdD explains why alcohol is the most dangerous drug for teens and what some of the negative repercussions can be. For more information on teen... read more
Kids in the House
The difficulty of parenting through the teenage years is a cliché for good reason. Teenagers are challenged with more temptation than they’ve experienced thus far. read more
Michael J. Bradley, EdD
Mom and Dad sat stunned on my office couch.
It's a very delicate balance between being a caregiver to an addict and being codependent to the addict. read more
Judge Michael Fields talks about what happens when you teen is caught for underage drinking.
Judge Michael Fields explains the legal consequences of drunk driving.
Judge Michael Fields of Harris Criminal Court explains what to do when you catch your child drinking alcohol.
Judge Michael Fields explains the dangerous consequences of drunk driving and how other drivers and passengers can be harmed as well.
Judge Michael Fields explains how to talk to your kids about parties, drugs, and alcohol, as well as conversing with other parents about what is happening at their homes.
Dr. Deborah Gilboa shares advice for helping teens step up when others are drinking.
Dr. Deborah Gilboa explains how parents can have higher standards when it comes to encouraging teens to abstain from alcohol.
Dr. Deborah Gilboa explains the dangers of binge drinking.
Dr. Deborah Gilboa explains why you shouldn't allow your teenager to drink at home.
Dr. Deborah Gilboa shares advice with parents on how to communicate with other parents about teen parties and underage drinking.
Dr. Deborah Gilboa explains what you need to tell your teen about binge drinking.
Professional soccer player and mom Julie Foudy explains how you can help prevent underage drinking in your family.
Ralph Blackman, President and CEO of FAAR (Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility) explains drinking trends among teenage girls.
Ralph Blackman, President and CEO of an alcohol responsibility organization, explains how communication in your family can help prevent underage drinking.
What do you do when your teenager develops a substance abuse problem? Ralph Blackman addresses these issues and more in this informative video.
Ralph Blackman shares advice for how to discipline teenagers who have been drinking.
Ralph Blackman talks about responsible alcohol consumption during the holidays.
Ralph Blackman shares advice for what to do when you catch your teenager drinking.
Ralph Blackman explains how to talk with other parents about preventing teenage drinking.
Ralph Blackman explains how B4UDrink can help keep parents safe.
Ralph Blackman explains the science behind alcohol and how it affects men and women differently.
Ralph Blackman explains how communities can help in preventing underage drinking.
Ralph Blackman explains why underage drinking is an important issue.
Ralph Blackman explains why the legal drinking age is 21.
Ralph Blackman shares with parents how teenagers tend to get alcohol.
Ralph Blackman explains how parents influence a teen's decision of whether or not to drink alcohol.
Ralph Blackman explains the dangers behind allowing your teenager to drink at home.
Ralph Blackman explains the statistics for underage drinking.
Ralph Blackman shares advice for how to communicate with your teen about underage drinking.
Ralph Blackman shares the statistics behind drunk driving.
Ralph Black explains the dangerous effects of binge drinking.
Julie Foudy shares her advice for what to do when you find out your teen has been drinking alcohol.
What better way to ring in the new year than by resolving to help our kids navigate the tough issues they face every day -- especially the issue of whether to drink... read more
The Parent Support Network at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is a system of care for parents whose teen and young adult children are struggling with drugs and... read more
Kids in the House
As kids reach adolescence, they are faced with so many decisions and influences.
Blogger and author Adrian Kulp offers advice for talking to kids about alcohol
Best-selling author David Sheff details the neurological predisposition to addiction to either alcohol or drugs and how certain individuals are more likely to become... read more
David Sheff, award-winning author and father of drug addict, reflects on the signs that show someone is prone to some sort of substance addiction.
David Sheff, award-winning writer, discusses the importance of parents communicating with each other to protect any kids involved with possibly dangerous scenarios, such... read more
Karen Khaleghi, PhD, gives parents real information on the statistics of teen drinking and how this can help you talk to your kids about abstaining from alcohol
Karen Khaleghi, PhD, shares the signs to look for in your child that suggest she or he might be heading towards drug or alcohol addiction
Karen Khaleghi, PhD, warns parents about ritalin abuse and how ritalin and alcohol can be a lethal combination

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