Consequences of drunk driving and harming others

Judge Michael Fields explains the dangerous consequences of drunk driving and how other drivers and passengers can be harmed as well.
Consequences of drunk driving and harming others | Kids in the House
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Consequences of drunk driving and harming others

Have I ruled in cases where people have been hurt by drunk drivers? Yes, absolutely. I've had more than one case where a drunk driver has killed someone. In one case it was a young man who was driving home with friends and in another case it was a young women who was riding with a man and not only was person she was riding with drunk, the person that hit them was drunk. And so both of those drunk drivers ended up in my court facing punishment for the death of this young lady. It's devastating when you see a young person lose their lives because someone is too irresponsible to call a cab, uber, do anything, call a friend, but don't get behind the wheel of a car drunk, because it's not just you that you're going to hurt. In most cases the drunk driver never gets hurt. It's always the sober friend. One of the great things about and is that they offer so many resources for parents to look to to figure out how to have those conversations, when do they need to do more than talk. That information is out there, all you have to do is go get it. And so parents, you don't want to be your kid's friend all of the time, but you need to understand where they are coming from. You need to understand social media so that you can keep track of who they're talking with. You need to understand when the coded language means something other than what it appears to be mean on the screen, so that you can know when they're going out to score drugs if they're doing that or drink with their friends if they're doing that. You gotta be a much more savy parent because we have much more savy kids.
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Judge Michael Fields explains the dangerous consequences of drunk driving and how other drivers and passengers can be harmed as well.


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Michael R. Fields, J.D.

Judge, Harris County Criminal Court #14

Michael Fields received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Texas State University and a Law Degree from St. Mary's University School of Law. After Law School, he joined the Harris County District Attorney's office where he served as an Assistant District Attorney. From there, he worked for the Texas Attorney General's Office in the Prosecutor Assistance Division before starting a private Law practice. Michael then ran for Judge of County Criminal Court 14 in Harris County, won the primary, and took the bench in 1999. Currently, Mr. Fields serves on the Board of the Houston Community Center for the Performing and Visual Arts. He has also served as the Chairman of the Harris County Bail Bond Board, on the Board of Trustees of the Lone Star Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Board of Directors for Hope for Families, and on the Advisory Counsel of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs.

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