Adult vs. youth substance abuse treatment

Dan Cronin, Substance Abuse Expert, explains the major differences between helping youths and adults overcome substance abuse and addiction
Differences Between Substance Abuse Treatment In Youths And Adults
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Adult vs. youth substance abuse treatment

I think that one of the big differences between adult and adolescent treatment is that kids learn from other kids. So they don't learn from life experience; the learn from the kid sitting next to them who has the same life experience as they do, and it's very limited. So it's more about making bad choices as a kid based on limited information and knowledge. If you're an adult and you decide to smoke marijuana, then you're doing it knowing what the consequences are, what the outcome could be, and you're doing it. If you're a 14-year old, you have no idea what it could do to the rest of your life. And if you get arrested as a kid, it's gonna follow you. If you do something in school to get you kicked out, it's gonna follow you. So going into treatment, it's about helping kids to make better choices because we know that as kids, we don't always make the best choices. And when we start choosing drugs and alcohol over good behavior, then bad things happen. So it's more about the structure, it's more about helping kids to make the right choice. Because as an adult, everybody has their right to make the wrong decision. As a kid, it's our responsibility as parents to help them make the right decision.

Dan Cronin, Substance Abuse Expert, explains the major differences between helping youths and adults overcome substance abuse and addiction


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Substance Abuse Expert

Dan Cronin has been a Substance Abuse Expert, a leading figure in the fields of Alcohol and Drug Intervention, Alternative Sentencing and Case Management for over 20 years. His organizations, Dan Cronin Consulting and A.I.R., provide Alcohol and Drug Abuse Care Management throughout North America and the world, for individuals, corporations and organizations including the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer, where he is the Director of their Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Programs.

As a licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor (LISAC, CADAC, CAS, CCS), Dan works closely with medical professionals in all aspects of addiction medicine. As part of Dan Cronin Consulting, Dan has teamed with renowned psychiatrist Dr. M. David Lewis, M.D., whose 30 years of experience has established him as a leading medical expert in the field. He also works with Dr. Brian F. Shaw, Ph.D., one of the top clinical psychologists in North America and co-founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). With them he has developed a specific model for Case Management that treats clients suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Working with his key executive Mellie Walker and the rest of his team at Dan Cronin Consulting, he’s implemented this substance rehab model nationwide and it is now used as a template in many referral agencies around the country.

Dan is also founder and director of AIR Alternatives, launched in 1997 to assist individuals and companies with Alternative Sentencing, including in-custody assessments, transportation and court follow-ups. AIR contracts with the courts throughout Los Angeles County, specializing addiction treatment center placement for individuals who face legal consequences due to addiction. Other members of the AIR team include DeAnne Soriano, Director of Operations, who has 10 years of experience and functions as direct liaison to the courts and Anthony Melillo, Assessment Specialist and transport coordinator with the firm for the last five years.

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