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Separation Anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Children with Separation Anxiety Disorder are obsessed with the fear of separation. The child becomes fearful and nervous when away from home or separated from a parent or caregiver. They often have nightmares or regular physical complaints. They might show a reluctance to leave the home or go to school. Children are especially prone to separation anxiety during periods of high stress.
Separation anxiety is normal in young children from eight to fourteen months old. It is not unusual for a child to go through a “clingy” phase and to be afraid of unfamiliar people and places. When this fear begins to occur in a child over six years old or is excessive, lasting longer than four weeks, the child might have separation anxiety disorder. Separation anxiety under the age of five is very common.
“This is the age that children are beginning Kindergarten or sometimes Preschool,” says psychologist Dr. Alan Yellin, “One of the questions we ask is: Whose separation anxiety is it? Sometimes, there is as much separation anxiety on the part of the ... Read more

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