Searching for adoptee's origins

See David Brodzinsky, PhD's video on Searching for adoptee's origins...
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Searching for adoptee's origins

Parents often ask how likely is it for their child to search for their origins. My answer usually surprises them. It's 100 percent. The reason is that most parents misunderstand what searching is all about. Searching begins as an internal process when they ask questions, such as: Who was she? Why was I adopted? It then it becomes an interpersonal process between the parents when they asks these questions and begin a dialogue about adoption. Later on, the child may want more information and the family may contact the agency or go to the country of origin and find out the specifics about the child. Only for a smaller minority -- and we don't have good figures on the percentages on this -- will adoption, as a search process, continue on to find the birth parents. That's usually a phenomenon of adulthood.

See David Brodzinsky, PhD's video on Searching for adoptee's origins...


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David Brodzinsky, PhD

Psychologist & Author

David Brodzinsky is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Director of the Foster Care Counseling Project at Rutgers University. He also maintains an active private practice serving the clinical needs of children and families, including individuals who are part of the adoption triad. Brodzinsky has written and lectured extensively in the fields of developmental and clinical psychology and is an internationally known expert in the field of adoption. He is co-author of such well-known books as, The Psychology of Adoption, Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self, and Children's Adjustment to Adoption: Developmental and Clinical Issues.

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