Children available for adoption

Watch Jill Boyer, MSW's video on Foster care and foster-adoption...
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Children available for adoption

Familes who are interested in adopting through the foster care system may be under the impression that the United States still has orphanages and there are places where foster children are waiting to be adopted. That is not true. Children who have been removed from their biological families because of some deficiency in that home are currently in foster homes. It is the plan of the juvenile courts and the department of children and family services for those children to be able to be returned to their biological families. That is the preference. However, when those attempts fail, it is hoped that the foster parents that are currently parenting the children will be able to step in to be permanent parents for these children. So there is somewhat of an emotional risk for families who go into the process thinking or hoping to adopt that child. That may or may not happen with a particular child but we encourage families to stay with the process. As unpredictable as the foster to adopt program can be, there are wonderful children who are waiting for homes who need and want desperately to have permanent loving homes who have maybe been in situations that have not supported them, have not been healthy, have not been safe. And they are looking for those families who are going to be there to help them to grow into wonderful human beings.

Watch Jill Boyer, MSW's video on Foster care and foster-adoption...


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Jill Boyer, MSW

Adoption & Foster Care Expert

Jill W. Boyer, MSW was born in Detroit, Michigan. She earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Michigan State University in E. Lansing and a Master of Social Work Degree from Wayne State University in Detroit. Ms. Boyer has dedicated her 25-year professional life primarily to supportive services for children and youth.

Prior to coming to Vista Del Mar Child And Family Services in 2005, Ms. Boyer has directed two post-adoption projects at The Institute for Black Parenting in Los Angeles, served as the Director of the Emergency Shelter Care Facility at Children’s Institute International in Torrance, was Acting Director of the Upward Bound Program at Harbor College, and provided and coordinated therapeutic services to families in the CALworks program.

She feels a special connection to adoption and foster care. She brings her experience to the Foster, Foster-Adopt, Domestic Adoption and Intercountry Adoption Programs at Vista, as the Community Services Program Director.

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