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Join Baby Sign Language Instructor Heather Ellington as she discusses the benefits of teaching a baby sign language.
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Baby Sign Language


- Children who have been exposed to sign language as babies have greater vocabulary skills. Teaching your baby sign language is a way for them to communicate before they're physically able to speak. Another reason why you might want to sign with your baby is that it helps to increase the positive communication experiences that you have with your baby. It really helps to increase that bond that you have with your child through positive communication. Once you're ready to start signings and saying the words that you're teaching every single time, then you're ready. Once you start teaching, you wanna start with two or three signs, and then add more on as you're comfortable saying and signing the words every single time. So for example, you might wanna start with your daily routine signs, so food, or bath time, or even diaper changes. One of the signs I like to teach, or I like to recommend to parents to teach their babies first is the sign more. You take two closed hand shapes and bounce them together. More. Everything is new to your baby at this point, so adding sign language is just one more new thing that they're ready to learn.


Join Baby Sign Language Instructor Heather Ellington as she discusses the benefits of teaching a baby sign language.


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Heather Ellington

Baby Sign Language Instructor

Heather graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Special Education in 2007 and is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Communicative Disorders and Sciences at California State University, Northridge. Heather began learning ASL in college, and has volunteered for an inclusion class for Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Multiple Disabilities at the elementary school level, where she also worked as an interpreter. Heather marvels at the way sign language has helped children, babies, and parents get their needs met effectively and in a fun way, while promoting literacy, speech, and language development.

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