Healthy co-parenting tips

Learn about: Healthy co-parenting tips from Michelle Mahendra,...
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Healthy co-parenting tips

Once we decided that divorce was the best option for us, my personal approach to how to co-parent well was to make sure that my child knew I loved her more than any dislike or hate that I would have had for my ex husband and to make sure that we both felt the same way, that we were on the same page and to focus on compromising whenever and wherever we could just to make sure that she knew that she was the priority in our lives and that nothing else was as important as she was to us. So that is what we ended it doing and it ended up working really well for both of us.
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Learn about: Healthy co-parenting tips from Michelle Mahendra,...


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Michelle Mahendra

Mom & Herbalist

Michelle Mahendra is an Herbalist and the Marketing Director of a new tea import company. The divorced mother of a four year old girl, Michelle graduated from the Tai Sophia Institute in Laurel, Maryland with a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine – the highest level of education available in the United States in this specialty.

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