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Considering Divorce Videos

Psychologist Joshua Coleman, PhD discusses when parents should consider staying married for the sake of the children
See Sarah Maizes's video on Best advice for divorcing with children...
See David Palmiter, PhD, ABPP 's video on Should we divorce?...
Helping Your Child Through a Divorce
As the divorce rate in America continues to be high each year in the United States, marriages crumble and families are torn apart.
By the time struggling couples decide to hire a divorce mediator, one or both of the spouses have decided that the marriage has deteriorated so much, it is beyond saving... read more
A divorce can bring many different emotions flooding to the surface: Anger, fear, and doubt may plague your thoughts.
When facing the difficult decision to divorce, many couples consider either litigation (each spouse uses their own attorney), or mediation (both spouses work with one... read more
In California there are three ways to end a marriage. 1. Nullity or Annulment 2. Legal Separation, or 3. Divorce A. Nullity takes the position the marriage never...
Rarely do couples enter into a marriage with thoughts of its failure and divorce.
California law considers spousal support a temporary situation, not a permanent one.
When you finally decide to get a divorce, you probably want to get everything over and done with as soon as possible.
When couples get a divorce in a community property state such as California, all assets acquired during the length of the marriage (but prior to separation) must be... read more
A special-needs child, especially one with severe physical or mental restrictions, will most often require lifelong care.
Getting a divorce is not an easy process for anyone, but for a military couple it may be even more complicated.
Psychologist Joshua Coleman, PhD explains how to approach the concept of divorce in a high conflict marriage
Tammy Nelson, PhD weighs in on whether parents should stay together after an infidelity in the marriage
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View Laura Wasser's video on Top three tips for ending a marriage well...
Watch Video: Common denominators in divorce regardless of assets by Laura Wasser, ...
Watch Laura Wasser's video on How to tell your soon-to-be ex that you want a divorce...
Watch Laura Wasser's video on Pros and cons of trial separations...
David Palmiter, PhD, ABPP Psychologist and Author, shares advice for parents getting a divorce on how to make it as emotionally healthy as possible
Watch Tanayi Seabrook's video on When is it time to get a divorce?...
Talitha Davies Wegner, Divorce Attorney, shares advice for parents considering divorce on the financial steps to take in order to make the divorce process much smoother
Talitha Davies Wegner, Divorce Attorney, shares advice for married couples on how the best ways for both sides to get what they want in a marriage
Talitha Davies Wegner, Family Attorney, shares advice for parents on how to tell when to get a divorce or when to try to make it work
Shamsah Amersi, MD Obstetrician & Gynecologist, shares advice for parents starting the divorce process on how to make the process as easy for your kids as possible
Learn about: Deciding on divorce from Michelle Mahendra,...
Watch Claudia Flores's video on Considering divorce and advice for parents...
Laura Wasser, Divorce Attorney, shares marriage advice for couples from her twenty years as a lawyer on the greatest factors that lead to divorce
Learn how to tell if it's worth it to stay together for the kids or not when you are in an unhappy marriage, with advice from Christine Carter, PhD Sociologist... read more
Alan Yellin, PhD Psychologist and Family Therapist, explains the common struggles between parents in a divorce and how they can have adverse effects on the children
Laura Wasser, Divorce Attorney, shares advice for partners considering divorce in regards to their concerns about being able to afford divorce fees
Laura Wasser, Divorce Attorney, shares advice for parents considering a divorce on the steps to take in order to have a clean divorce
Laura Wasser, Divorce Attorney, shares advice for parents on how to know whether or not it is worth it to get a divorce
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