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Meet Alejandro Edda

Hello my name is Alejandro Edda, I am a 27 year old father. Luciano is my first son and 2 years old. So, I became a father when I was 25 and it's been a great journey. A lot of love and very fun. I am an actor. I live in LA. I'm from Mexico my wife is from Columbia and Luciano was born here in LA. It's fun, I enjoy doing a little bit of what i do as part of my career with in the house. And I love music, so, Luciano has been always present. I never actually played lullabies to him or a children song, we listen to rock and roll and he like to dance, and he likes to sing and we play and we dress up like rock stars and we have a lot of fun. It's fun to be creative.
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Watch Alejandro Edda's video on Meet Alejandro Edda...


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Alejandro Edda

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Alejandro Edda was born in Puebla, Mexico. Growing up as an only child, Alejandro always had a curiosity about creating non-existing worlds and characters. After graduating from high school, he went on to attend IRM, one of the finest Russian Conservatory schools for drama and cinema in Mexico City. He studied 3 years under the Stanislavsky method, and prior to his graduation he was offered a role in a musical play by an established writer/director in San Francisco C.A. After finishing working for the theater company, Alejandro took the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, where he studied for 2 years at a Meisner-based acting studio. In July of 2007 he graduated as one of the top 5 actors of his class. Currently living in Los Angeles, for the past two years Alejandro has worked on independent international movies that have been shown in various film festivals. Luciano Edda, his first son, was born in March of 2009.

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