Meet Cyrus Rangan, MD

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Meet Cyrus Rangan, MD

My name is Dr. Cyrus Rangan. I'm a pediatrician and a medical toxicologist, and i'm one of the assistant medical directors at the California Poison and Control System. At Poison Control across the country, we receive approximately 3 million calls per year regarding poisons that occur at the home or at the work place. We specialize in speaking to you about the poisoning that may have taken place, whether it's in your child or an adult who may be in the household. We can give you the best advice, the most updated advice, based on the most recent research about what to do in the case of a poisoning. At Poison Control, as a result of calling us, we are able to keep almost 70% of all the calls that come in to our call centers at home; not requiring a visit to the emergency department. That reduces the strain in our emergency departments and reduce healthcare cost and make sure that people receive the optimal care for the most important medical issues. I am the father of 2 young boys, age 7 and 4, and we love to do Kung Fu.
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Watch Cyrus Rangan, MD's video on Meet Cyrus Rangan, MD...


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Cyrus Rangan, MD

Medical Toxicologist, Poison Control

Cyrus Rangan, MD, is a pediatrician and medical toxicologist. Cyrus serves as the Assistant Medical Director with the California Poison Control System and medical toxicology consultant for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Over 70% of the calls received at the center are able to stay at home and avoid a visit to the hospital, based on the over-the-phone support of the center. Cyrus is also the father of two boys, age seven and four, with whom he enjoys practicing Kung Fu. 

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